[PROJECT] Masterchef Kim Jaejoong

*walks in chanting “We are here, we are here, we are here!”… and a nice little “YOP” too, just to be on the safe side ;)*

Hey everyone! The ninjas of DBD are back to celebrate another member’s birthday! And this little celebration is for none other than…. *drumroll* the amazing, awesometastic, out of this world tweet monster (who sometimes drives us up a wall with all the tweets he makes) Kim Jaejoong :D

Instead of doing a contest like we always do, we’ve decided to do a project! Two of us were squeezing our brains out, tossing ideas for the perfect competition when ‘Ahhhh’ (This is the etheral, epiphany kind of ‘Ah’, not the ‘omg I am going to be mauled by a kapibara and its cuteness’ ‘Ah’) the idea hit us, what about a cookbook?

Kim Jaejoong is renowned for constantly feeding his fellow members and his love (and talent for that matter) for cooking is quite infamous. So we thought, why not give him a special cookbook from his fans with recipes from all over the world?

It’s quite simple, all you need to do is submit a recipe that you have either eaten or cooked (or both!) before. It can’t be some random fancy shmancy recipe you find online; we want them to be straight from your hearts and your homes.

When you submit your e-mail, please include the following:
1. Name of the dish
2. Ingredients and measurements
3. Cooking time
4. Servings
5. A photo of the finished dish
6. A recipe (as in, all the steps you need to take to make the dish)
7. A short description of the dish (i.e. what region it comes from, the characteristics flavors, or maybe even a funny short anecdote, maximum four lines please)
8. Your name
9. The name of the country you currently reside in
10. What country this dish comes from (you can write ‘fusion’ if it’s a mix)
11. Cover page design (optional – please submit as an attachment)

*The cover page design option is a chance to have your design on the cover of our cookbook. We don’t have exact dimensions or a final title yet, so use a filler title and whatever dimensions you would like (we can adjust it later).

Keep in mind that some of the ingredients you might use may not be available in Korea, if you think some of the ingredients (like spices) are grown only in your region, please leave a little note for us or even better, tell us what can be substituted instead and still have that same flavor.

We’ll be translating all the recipes from English to Korean (because… let’s face it, English is still a bit of a hurdle for our Google Translate-using boy♥), putting it all in a cookbook and personally delivering it to Crebeau-Jeff.

We do apologize in advance for the possibility that we may not be able to use all of your lovely recipes (since some may overlap or we may get too many) but we’ll try our best! If we do unfortunately come to the situation where we can’t put all you recipes in the book, we’ll put them all on a usb and deliver that along with it.

You have from today (January 26th) till February 9th to submit your name,country,email & recipe name as a comment on this post and till the 26th of February to submit the actual recipe (in the format above) to tohosuperu@gmail.com.

We don’t know how long it’ll take for us to complete the book but we’re aiming for April around our first anniversary \o/


Also, if you’d like to donate to the project, we would greatly appreciate that. It could help produce a final product of a higher quality or get all your recipes into the book since book printing is quite pricey, and we’re not the richest people in the fandom (sad, sad little fact ;A;)

If you would like to contribute to this “cookbook fund”, our paypal email address is tohosuperu@gmail.com, and any amount is welcome!! Accounting for this will be very transparent, of course :) We are very transparent people. So transparent, you can’t even see us. It’s part of our ninja powers. *gets carried away*

So spread the word and get cooking!

[Mod Post] Day Of The Duck Event

Hey guys!

So Christmas is around the corner *throws snowflakes around* and more importantly (for us fans at least,) KIM JUNSU’S BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! Yes, we love the duckbutt, we really do. We watched him in Mozart this year and he was absolutely amazing. We are totally going to watch him in Elisabeth as well. SO ANYWAY, we are going to have a birthday event!! (Check the changes!!)

“When Duckness Descended On Earth & People Went Eukyangkyangkyang”
(as quoted from our friend, Kelly)


The following are six images which we have drawn. It’s simple really. Guess the word or phrase or scene that we’re trying to describe. The only hint is that it has something (remotely or otherwise) to do with Kim Junsu. *Change: It’s six images now and you get one hint for each image! And the hints are all Junsu-related too, ain’t we a tricky bunch?

1. Hint: Favorite

2. Hint: Crazy

3. Hint: Third

4. Hint: Helium

5. Hint: Aussie

6. Hint: Tap

For every answer you get right, you get 10 points. We will also be giving out bonus points if your answer makes us laugh.

Tiebreaker Question

Also, here is a tiebreaker question. The person with the guess that has the smallest difference with the actual answer will win. But be warned, it’s a doozy!

“On the 24th of June, 2011 at 7:55p.m., I sat down in my seat at the Sungnam Arts Centre’s Opera House to watch the amazing, awe-inspiring, awesometastic performance of our lovely duckbutt in Mozart! with my fellow ninja master. If you took the one-digit number that represents the floor we were on, the one-digit number that represents the row we were in, and the two-digit number that represents the seat I was in, what would that four digit number be?”

Bonus Question

Last but not least, we have a little bonus question with the prize being a Junsu a-nation bracelet! We’ll be giving one person whose guess is closest to what this drawing actually represents. Even if you don’t know what it is, please give us your most creative guess on what it could possibly be.


We’ve also picked out some prizes from our personal, strangely large collection of Kim Junsu-related items, and here they are!

A: Musical Concert : Levay With Friends Photobook 2010

B: Kim Junsu Musical Photobook 2011

2011 NII Heart Campaign T-Shirt (the one he’s wearing in the picture) – *Change: We’ll be giving this away to one lucky contestant through a random draw! :D

Bonus: The Junsu a-nation bracelet

Points to note:

– This competition will close on 15 December at 23:59 KST
and winners will be announced on dongbangdata.net, as well as contacted by email.

Submission :

A comment should be added to this post, in the format :

[Competition] Day of the Duck

Prize preference:
Choice 1)
Choice 2)

If submitted correctly, you should recieve a notice that the comment has been sent to our moderation queue.

If you have any further questions, you can tweet us at @dongbangdata , mail us at tohosuperu@gmail.com or leave a comment down here

Good luck, and may the (duck) force be with you.

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Once again, thanks for everyone’s participation~ we received some great entries (and a few references to how our drawings were as bad as/worse than Yunho’s..sobs) but overall, we had lots of fun, and hope that you had fun too!

Firstly, the answers! (with a few words from the artist lol)

1. Hitsumabushi
(It’s an eel! In a box! with soup!)

2. Zerg
(The race he uses in Starcraft, and this is a Mutalisk which is one of the units :P)

3. Death
(This is a grim reaper XD)

4. Carrot Juice
(It’s a glass with a carrot (yes that is a carrot) and a straw!)

5. Coconut (palm) tree
(There’s the sand, the trunk, the four leaves, and some coconuts^^)

6. Duckbutt
(It’s a duck D: with an arrow pointing at its butt… granted, Rara said it looked like a yellow dinosaur and we giggled over it for like ten minutes)

Tiebreaker answer : 2340

And here are the winners for the competition, and the prizes that they won!

Congratulations Dianne L for getting the most answers correct! She wins the Kim Junsu Musical Photobook 2011! And our runner-up is Adeline, who will be getting the Levay With Friends Photobook 2010. Our random draw prize of Junsu’s NII Heart Campaign T-shirt is won by Shuyi.

Also, in the most AMAZING moment ever, at least to us,  SOMEONE ACTUALLY GOT THE BONUS QUESTION RIGHT.Winning for herself the a-nation’09 Junsu bracelet is Wan Nor Aina, and this was her answer :

“jaejoong and yoochun touching junsu’s butt while he’s doing angel pose during summer dream dance break.. kekeke”

All winners will be receiving an email from us shortly for contact details :)

Once again, thank you EVERYONE for playing and we’ll be back with more fun, games (and translations, of course) And feel free to leave us a comment if you have something to say about our games, or if you have suggestion for more games!

*waves desperately and runs off*

[Mod Post] Telepathy Game Winners

Hi everyone!

We’re really sorry this took a while (busy running around Korea and all XD) but here are the results (and answers!) to our telepathy game!

Congratulations Usagi, Cheisee, Elena, Meg & luvjj~! An email will be sent to you shortly asking for your mailing details ^^

Also, if you’re interested, the answers are as follows!

A1: What is my most played song off the “T” Album?
Ride On

A2: What do I usually order at Starbucks
Cappuccino with double shot

A3: If the boys of TVXQ were classmates, who do I think will be sitting right in front?

A4: What is my (previous) Bigeast registration number?

A5: What was the last item I bought online?
A Cap

B1: What song perfectly fits my description of an ‘ideal’ TVXQ song?
You’re My Melody

B2: Which Disney movie did I watch recently online?

B3: Which fruit do I put in my yogurt every morning?

B4: What hairstyle did I dislike most from TVXQ?
Yoochun’s ‘Seaweed Monster’ hair

B5: Which activity do I want to do most (and yes I do want to do all of these)?
Swimming with sharks

Free Response: What was the queue number on Rarasaurus’ ticket for the JYJ Concert in Gwangju?

Once again, thank you everyone for your participation, and please join our banner contest if you can ^^


Junsu’s Signature and Message for Dongbangdata!

We had the privilege of meeting a certain Mr. Kim Junsu at his mom’s cosmetic shop by chance :) We gave him a little introduction about our site and he very willingly agreed to give us a signature and a little message!

His parents asked us what we wanted written on the signature and we said anything was fine, so this is what he wrote for us♥

“I pray that you’ll always be healthy and have a life filled only with things that make you smile/laugh ^.^”

A big thank you to his parents for letting us meet him, and an especially big thank you to Junsu for writing us such a sweet message!

~for our fan account, go here~

[Announcement] Winner Of Our DP Contest

Hi guys~ *runs around madly*

Sorry this took so long, with only 2 people running this site, it really shouldn’t take this long, but we’ve had school..and life…and twitter monsters to deal with so YES ANYWAY, FINALLY THE RESULTS OF OUR DP CONTEST!!!

We’ll be using this DP with effect from today, Thank you SY for making this for us! We had a ton of great entries, and because they were so great, we want to give a special mention to another entry that we got from chickenboy!

Isn’t it cuteeee :) Anyhows,we would like to request that the 2 winners send us an email to tohosuperu@gmail.com with their names, addresses, favourite member and favourite candy flavour :) Both of you will be getting a package of awesome soon~!

As you already know, we’re kinda incapable when it comes to design, we will be holding more banner/dp/idek competitions in the future~ look out for it!

*Magically disappears*