[FAN ACCOUNT] 130630 2013 JYJ Membership Week Korean Fanmeet

  JYJ 2013 Membership Week Fanmeet for Korean Fans: Fan account

[T/N: Hello, hello, hello! I was lucky enough to go to the fanmeet today and wanted to share my account with you. My personal comments will be added at the bottom. It’s long but seriously, totally worth it. Happy reading!]

It began with a run through of what had happened in the last year since the 2012 Membership Week and JYJ’s achievements were shown through a Facebook theme, with each event getting a wall post. It was pretty cute.

Then Boom came on and introduced JYJ and I kinda…. squee-ed. Only way to describe the noise that came out of my mouth. Yoochun wore a white polo shirt and black and white striped shorts. Jaejoong wore a light pink button down shirt that was quite… open in the chest area and white jeans while Junsu wore a short sleeve, button down shirt and white slacks.

Each had to do a greeting and Boom wanted them to do an ‘official’ greeting and a ‘special’ greeting, since it was a special fanmeet after all.

Boom: Cute or charismatic?
Junsu: ….. Do I have to?
Boom: Of course, given the event we’re in.
Junsu: ……. oh god. ……… Hi guys~
Boom: You call them ‘guys’ but there are some people here old enough to be your mother.
Junsu: … oh dear. Hello madams.

Jaejoong: Hello everyone *throws a kiss with his hand to the audience. Everyone goes crazy*

Yoochun: *sigh* ……. I really, really missed you *lots of aegyo. So much aegyo. omg the amount of aegyo was ridiculous.*


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[EVENT] Yoochun’s Birthday Event

Hi all!

Sorry we’re a little late on this but it’s our Yoochun birthday event!!!  (Seriously guys, we ventured up half a mountain to see his momma and his dog, we really love this guy…. just that we are really busy )

So as we all know, Park Yoochun is a man of many talents – he acts really well, and writes great songs, but nothing is quite s epic as his English raps :) We cringe and cry at his mutilation of our native language yet we love the child so much that we let him get away with it.

For this event, we want you to vote for your favourite English rap phrase / line from Park Yoochun, and also add an explanation of what you think he actually meant OR why you like this line.

Just submit your answer in a format similar to the example below :


 [Competition]  Yoochun’s Birthday Event

Name :

Country :

Email :

Phrase / Line  :  Try to save my life like a puppy& cream

Explanation :  Anything with puppies = win.


If you submit this correctly, you should receive a notice that your comment has been sent to the moderation queue :)

Submit your answers by 00:00 KST on 9 June, and we’ll be choosing 2 people – one who selected the most popular line, and another with the best explanation, and you’ll get the following prizes, together with some small items :)

Prize 1 : Most Popular Line

Yoochun 2012 Asia Tour Fanmeeting Folder Set

Prize 2 : Best Explanation

Yoochun Fanart T-Shirt (Bought from Time Out before it closed D:)

Good luck guys~!

[MOD POST] Dongbangdata’s 2nd Anniversary Project


Hi everyone!

So..it’s actually been 2 years since we’ve started this site, and it hasn’t been easy, considering that we’re all busy with work/school/life, but honestly, I don’t think we would have it any other way. Fandom, for all it’s craziness, has been a great place and I’m sure many of you will agree that we’ve all made some great friends thanks to these 5 boys.
Anyhows, we decided that we would like to do something a little special to celebrate, to thank everyone for sticking with us for so long :)

Kicking off today (which is officially our anniversary since we posted our first piece of news exactly 2 years ago!) we will be putting up Part 1 of “The JYJ magazine: The story of 1000 days” translation, and we will continue to do so for the next 3 Sundays, completing the translation of the entire magazine. After doing so, we will be creating a PDF copy of this magazine for everyone to download, and this will be released on 28 April.

We would also like to give special thanks to @ParkYoochunSGFC for providing us with the magazine, do give them a shoutout on twitter or something because we wouldn’t have been able to do this without them!

Thank you everyone once again, for bearing with us hermits of the fandom, and we hope you enjoy our little project.

Part 1:  http://wp.me/p1sH4n-2OB
Part 2: http://wp.me/p1sH4n-2Qa 
Part 3: http://wp.me/p1sH4n-2Tr
Part 4: http://wp.me/p1sH4n-2UC

PDF : http://www.mediafire.com/download/a6w9j4qle578v8l/1000daysFINAL.pdf
(Thanks @Farayas for helping to proofread the whole document!!)

<3 The Ninjas of Dongbangdata

[SPECIAL PROJECT] Winners Announced For Mission: KakaoTalk!

Congratulations to the nine lucky few who were chosen for a special prize!

The selection was done by listing all participants alphabetically and giving them a number from 1 to 504. A random number generator was used to picked nine random numbers, and the winners are the people whose name correlated with the chosen numbers.

So here are the lucky nine in alphabetical order! (drum roll pleaseeeee)

legra (DBD site)
smile-ssi (DBD site)
꼬꼬마팬 (Yuaerubi)
동방텔레콤 (Yuaerubi)
아미슈 (Yuaerubi)

Congratulations! legra and smile-ssi, please send me your e-mail (along with your name) to jeesoolim.11@gmail.com for further instructions :)

Thank you everyone for participating! I’ll keep you guys updated :D

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[SPECIAL PROJECT] Mission: KakaoTalk, Messages For TVXQ

Hi everyone! This is Dongbangdata’s Korean translator melodiamuse (or Jee) :)

The special backstory to this special project is at the bottom, so scroll down if you’d like to find out more!

Special announcement at the bottom of the page, check it out!


Yunho: Though many things have changed, I believe we have formed a bond that cannot be broken, no matter what others say.
Changmin: I know I don’t say things like this much, but I know that we wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for you guys watching out for us for so long.

-Catch Me Concert, November 17th-


[SPECIAL PROJECT] Mission: 카카오톡 (KakaoTalk)!
(카시오페아의 카오틱한 오자 토크 = Cassiopeia’s Chaotic Five Syllable Talk)

DUE: November 23rd, 2012 (Friday) 11:59pm KST

If you had one chance to meet Yunho and Changmin, but had only five syllables to express yourself, what would they be?

The ‘Five Syllable Talk’ is a very memorable part of TVXQ history, when their Rising Sun showcase left us with the unforgettable phrases, “영원할꺼죠, 영원합니다, 영원히하나, 당연하지요, 사랑합니다” (Together forever? Together forever. Forever as one. Of course. We love you.) and I’d like to see what you all have to say to TVXQ if you were given the same challenge.

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[EVENT] Chunface’s Awesometastic Birthday Bonanza~

Hey guys!!

It’s June and we’re almost halfway into the year~ Most importantly, IT’S PARK YOOCHUN’S BIRTHDAYYY :DDD *inserts chunface* So to celebrate this very special day, we’re having another birthday event!!!

The game we’ll be playing this time is version 2.0 of the game we played during the “Day Of The Duck”. Here goes~! :P

How to play

The answers to the crossword puzzle below are all words related to Yoochun. But instead of worded clues, we’ve maximised our artistic potential *cough cough* and drawn up clues for you instead!! (SEE CLUES BELOW PUZZLE ^^)

Note: The answers may not be only one word. Should it be 2 or more words, they should be filled in without spaces. Eg. LIKETHIS

Have fun!! :PP



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[Event] What’s Your Choice?

Its February!! The month of lurve~ and also a double birthday fiesta! (We’re following the Kfans and therefore celebrated Jaejoong’s birthday in January :P) And to celebrate Yunho and Changmin’s birthdays, we will be playing……

What’s Your Choice?

How to play:

There are 6 questions below. For each of the questions, choose your preferred answer between the options of : Yunho and Changmin. . The “winner” will be the member who gets the most votes, and we will award a prize to one person who voted for the “winner,” with a small winner-related prize.

For example,
Q: Who would you hire as your bodybuilding instructor?
Yunho – 2 votes
Changmin – 4 votes <— Changmin is the “winner” and we will give one of the four people who voted a small Changmin-related prize

A final prize will be chosen from those who pick the most number of “winners” and (if required) gets the answer closest to the tiebreaker answer, and for this final prize, we will be giving away the Bigeast Version of “STILL” with White Day memorial goods (We already ordered it! But will only be able to deliver it after it comes out, of course) This is considerably hard for most international fans to get, so we think that it will be worth the wait! :D

The questions you have to vote on are:

Question 1: Which member would you rather have tell your kids that Santa doesn’t exist?

Question 2: If you were stuck on a deserted island, which member would you like to have with you?

Question 3: Which member is most likely to get kicked out of Hell’s Kitchen first?

Question 4: Which member do you think would make the best air steward?

Question 5: If you were the owner of a shampoo company, which member would you choose to do a CF for your shampoo?

Question 6: Which member would make a better panda?

Tiebreaker: Guess the last 4 digits of JugglingTheClouds’ “TVXQ! Asia Fan Party in Singapore” ticket number.

Points to note:

– This competition will close on 18 February (Changmin’s Birthday) at 23:59 KST
and winners will be announced on dongbangdata.net, as well as contacted by email.

Submission :

To submit an entry to the competition, cut and paste the following format and submit it as a comment, together with the answer.

[Competition] What’s Your Choice
Answers: (You can put reasons if you want to as well…just for laughs!)

If submitted correctly, you should recieve a notice that the comment has been sent to our moderation queue.

If you have any further questions, you can tweet us at @dongbangdata , mail us at tohosuperu@gmail.com or leave a comment down here

Good luck everyone!