[TRANS] 130901 Tohoshinki Concludes Their Summer With The Passion Of 55,000 At “A-Nation”

Korean artists Tohoshinki performed at the first day of the “A-Nation Stadium Fes. 2013” in Tokyo’s Ajinomoto Stadium, on 31 August. As the closing act for the third time, they sang a total of 8 songs including their new song “SCREAM.”

As Tohoshinki was announced to be next on stage, the 55,000 crowd flooded the stands with Tohoshinki’s representative red color using penlights. Among this sight, which has become part of the annual “A-nation”, the countdown signaled Yunho and Changmin’s appearance on stage. The two members’ appearance was welcomed by the cheers of waiting fans, as they performed their first song “Catch me -If you wanna-”

The duo were dressed in illuminated outfits, and drew the audiences in with their beautiful and powerful performance. Their strong performance continued with the dance numbers “B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)” and “Superstar”. As the passion in the audience was quickly reached its peak, the two members’ excitement escalated as well. Yunho said “Today is awesome!” and Changmin said, “It’s going to be September soon, but it’s still extremely hot today!” Yunho also said “Let’s create great memories this A-nation!” igniting the crowds once again as they followed up with the theme song of the movie “Sadako 3D 2”, their new track “SCREAM.”

During the medley “OCEAN ~We Are~ Summer Dream”, the duo made their way around the stadium in luxuriously decorated floats, and threw colored balls and frisbees into the audience as they showed their mischievous side. By this time, both men were covered in sweat. While pouring water over his head, Yunho said, “Although it was only for a short period of time, I’m really happy that we were able to come together as one with everybody here today!” and smiled.  Then, they concluded their passionate stage with their annual performance of “Somebody To Love.”The Nissan stadium concerts on 17 & 18 August were the first time that foreign artists performed as well.  Changmin said, “Although today is the last day of this year’s summer outdoor concerts (for Tohoshinki), I want to have fun till the end.” and Yunho was filled with emotions as he said, “I really, really enjoyed A-nation!”  Then, as they did their final greetings of “This was Tohoshinki!” the fireworks went off, bringing wondrous color to the climax of Tohoshinki’s summer of 2013.

Aside from Tohoshinki, other performers include girl next door、Do As Infinity、KREVA、Every Little Thing、SUPER JUNIOR、TRF. On the 2nd concert day (1 September), Hamasaki Ayumi, Koda Kumi, AAA and SHINee will be performing.

■ Tohoshinki Setlist

1. Catch Me -If you wanna-
2. B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)
3. Superstar
4. One and Only One
6. OCEAN~We Are~Summer Dream
7. Humanoids
8. Somebody To Love


Source : [Modelpress via Yahoo.jp]

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[TRANS] 130829 Tohoshinki Official Site News Updates

“Disvelocity” Tie-up decided!

A tie up for the track “Disvelocity” from the album “SCREAM” which will be released on 4 September has been decided!

It will be the ending theme for TBS TV’s “Hiru Obi” for the month of September

Every Mon-Fri, 11:00 am onwards

Additional tie-up for SCREAM decided!

An additional tie-up for “SCREAM” which will be released on 4 September, has been decided!

It will be the ending theme for National Music News Network “MUSIC B.B.” for the month of September

As the broadcasters may vary, please check the program website for more details.

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[TRANS] 130826 “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~” Live DVD & Blu-Ray Will Be Released On 10/23


A first in Tohoshinki’s history, and their dream since they made their debut, the 5 dome tour “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~” will be released in DVD & Blu-Ray!!

Tohoshinki’s biggest tour in history with an attendance of 700,000 people, starting from Saitama Super Arena on 27 April, to their domination of the 5 Domes to Sapporo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo, this DVD was recorded on the final concert day in Tokyo Dome on 17 June!!

2013.10.23 On Sale
Live DVD & Blu-Ray “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~”

■ 3-Set DVD <First Press Limited Edition>

【AVBK-79158~60】¥8,400(tax in)
Box set format (TBC)

・I Don’t Know
・One More Thing
・Purple Line
・I Know
・Heart, Mind and Soul
・One and Only One
・Rat Tat Tat
・Rock with U

・Share The World~Sky
・I Desperately Want To Meet You
・Catch Me -If you wanna-

・Why? [Keep Your Head Down]
・SHINE~We Are!~Summer Dream
・In Our Time

※Only for First Press

DISC 3 Includes the full ments from the Tokyo Dome concert on 17 June, and includes the full concert when put together with Disc 1 & Disc 2!! This is a luxurious 3 -piece set that includes the backstage documentary as well as a ment digest from the rest of the performances!!

■ 2-set DVD <Normal Edition>
【AVBK-79162~3】¥6,090(tax in)

2013.06.17 Tokyo Dome performance
※The contents are the same as that of Disc 1 & Disc 2 of the 3-set DVD 【AVBK-79158】

■ Blu-ray Disc

【AVXK-79161】¥6,825(tax in)

2013.06.17 Tokyo Dome performance
※The contents are the same as that of Disc 1 & Disc 2 of the 3-set DVD 【AVBK-79158】

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[TRANS] 130826 Tohoshinki Wows As Closing Act For 2nd Year In A Row At A-Nation

“A-Nation” Osaka Concert (25th August, Nagai Stadium)

The final Osaka performance of “stadium fes. 2013 powered by weider-in jelly,” organised by Avex was held at the Nagai stadium, Osaka on 25 August. 11 artists performed passionately on stage, including Super Junior, Koda Kumi (30), TRF and the closing act for the 2nd year running, popular Korean duo Tohoshinki. The Tokyo performances will be held on 31 August & 1 September at Ajinomoto Stadium.

Yunho (27) and Changmin (25), had just completed 18 concerts in 7 cities including a 5 dome tour with a total attendance of 850,000 on 18 August. Wrapping up their concerts, they appeared in Osaka as the closing acts, for their 2nd year in a row.

With their outfits shining in the darkness, they performed their hit song “Catch Me – if you wanna-” as their opening track. Yunho greeted everyone, saying “Thank you for waiting! Osaka is the best!” and Changmin, who was sweating profusely, said “It’s really hot, isn’t it” (T/N: Spoken in Kansai dialect). They performed a total of 9 songs, including their new track “Scream,” the theme song of the movie “Sadako 3D 2” which will start screening on 30 August, and showcased their great harmony and intense dance.

The reason for their great spirit was because of the presence of their friends. On this day, they “competed” against label-mates Super Junior. Yunho, who watched his comrades whom he had been friends with since middle school, on stage before his own performance, said “I could see how hard they were working as well.” Their performance showed the dignity as pioneers of the Korean presence which has now become common in the Japanese pop scene.

Tohoshinki will be performing in the Tokyo concerts on 31 August as well. After the final performance, they glowed and said, “This year, we managed to hold many concerts in large locations, and it feels like we got a lot of great presents.” The hot summer continues on for these 2 people.

Source : [Daily Sports Online]

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[TRANS] 130822 Tohoshinki Mobilizes 140,000 people, The Hallyu Boom Is Not Over Yet?

Even the beautiful, slim legs of “Girls Generation” and “Kara” cannot be seen anymore, and magazines have called it “The death of the Hallyu boom.”

However, Tohoshinki, who will soon celebrate their 10th year since debut, held their concerts at Yokohama’s Nissan stadium on 17-18 August, with a shocking 144,000 attendees within 2 days. The capacity of the stadium is 72,000. Multiplied by 2, it shows that the seats were completely sold out. Such popularity would be equivalent to that of Southern All Stars.

Suzuki Masumi, a writer who is familiar with Korea, said, “With the Japan-Korea relationship deteriorating, there has definitely been a rapid decline in the (hallyu) boom since last year.  The lowbrow fans have left, and the core fans have been showing their support quietly. The sales of magazines and goods have dropped, and Shin-Ookubo, the “Hallyu Street” in Tokyo is not as busy as it used to be.

Despite all this, why Tohoshinki? (T/N: Why has Tohoshinki done so well?)

“They have a lot of fans in Japan as well as Korea. These are not ‘temporary’ fans that jumped onto the bandwagon after the boom. They (Tohoshinki) are aware of this as well, and even shut out reporters from lowbrowed magazines from the press conference. Their selling point is that “we are not just merely part of the Hallyu wave.” Journalists that have been reporting on them from when they were not doing so well, are complaining incessantly about their abrupt change in attitude as the reporters cannot get the scoop anymore.” (Suzuki)

This is the clear distinction between Tohoshinki and the popularity of people like Jang Geun Suk in Japan. However, there are people who say this as well :
“Achieving an attendance of 144,000 isn’t a number that can only be done by Tohoshinki, just that reports on the “massive attendance” of hallyu stars are very common. Between the 2 nights of concerts, there are many people who attend both days consecutively as well.” (Industry Insider)

Let’s take it with a grain of salt.

Source : [Gendai.net]

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[TRANS] 130821 Tohoshinki Meets Sadako! Says “She’s Really Famous In Korea As Well” In Good Humour

Famous Korea duo Tohoshinki made a surprise appearance at the “Cursed Premiere Festival” for the horror movie “Sadako 3D 2” on 20 August. Yunho and Changmin, who lent their latest single “Scream” to the movie as it’s worldwide theme song, said “Is this the real thing? She’s really famous in Korea as well. This is one of our most intense songs, and it really matches the level of horror in the movie” (Yunho) “In the music video, we have Sadako (style) choreography as well, so I would definitely like to to see her do it,” (Changmin) they jokingly said, after meeting Sadako.

Aside from Tohoshinki, lead actors of the movie such as Miori Takimoto, Koji Seto, Yuusuke Yamamoto, child actress Kokoro Hirasawa and director Tsutomu Hanabusa were present as well. Set 5 years after the scenes in hit movie “Sadako 3D” (2012) that grossed over 1.5 billion yen,  heroine Fuuko Ando searches for the truth being the mysterious deaths related to the “cursed video” that shakes the world once again.

(Irrelavant portions omitted)

Source : [Cinema.pia.co.jp]

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[EVENT] Yoochun’s Birthday Event

Hi all!

Sorry we’re a little late on this but it’s our Yoochun birthday event!!!  (Seriously guys, we ventured up half a mountain to see his momma and his dog, we really love this guy…. just that we are really busy )

So as we all know, Park Yoochun is a man of many talents – he acts really well, and writes great songs, but nothing is quite s epic as his English raps :) We cringe and cry at his mutilation of our native language yet we love the child so much that we let him get away with it.

For this event, we want you to vote for your favourite English rap phrase / line from Park Yoochun, and also add an explanation of what you think he actually meant OR why you like this line.

Just submit your answer in a format similar to the example below :


 [Competition]  Yoochun’s Birthday Event

Name :

Country :

Email :

Phrase / Line  :  Try to save my life like a puppy& cream

Explanation :  Anything with puppies = win.


If you submit this correctly, you should receive a notice that your comment has been sent to the moderation queue :)

Submit your answers by 00:00 KST on 9 June, and we’ll be choosing 2 people – one who selected the most popular line, and another with the best explanation, and you’ll get the following prizes, together with some small items :)

Prize 1 : Most Popular Line

Yoochun 2012 Asia Tour Fanmeeting Folder Set

Prize 2 : Best Explanation

Yoochun Fanart T-Shirt (Bought from Time Out before it closed D:)

Good luck guys~!