[TRANS] 151007 ‘Bigeast Official Shop Limited’ 2015/11/18 Changmin from Tohoshinki Solo Mini Album “Close To You”

Changmin’s solo mini album!!
To release exclusively on the Bigeast Official Shop on 18 Nov 2015 (Wednesday)!!

Following the release of Yunho’s solo mini album “U Know Y” on 8 July, Changmin’s solo mini album “Close To You” will also be released.
The title track is “Into The Water”, a ballad which will leave a strong impression with piano notes which resonate in the quiet (song).
It is a song that is able to bring out the most in Changmin’s powerful and sorrowful voice.
In addition to that, the mini album, with a total of 7 tracks, also contains both songs which have been performed during events and Live concerts, as well as newly recorded tracks which are charming and unexpected.

Aside from the DVD, which will contain the video clip and offshoot footage for the title track “Into the Water”, this CD+DVD+Photobook edition also comes with an A4-sized photo booklet, and will come in a luxurious three-side folding packaging (A4-sized).
(※This product will only be sold on the shopping site exclusive to Tohoshinki Official Fanclub “Bigeast” members.)

<Product Details>
【Bigeast Official Shop Limited】(Limited quantity)
2015.11.18 Release
CHANGMIN from Tohoshinki SOLO MINI ALBUM 「Close To You」

Spedicifications: Special 3-side fold (A4-sized)
Item No.:AVC1-79309/B
Price:¥4,500 + tax

01. Into The Water
02. 道程 (Journey)
03. Oh No!
04. Rock with U
05. Gold Dust
06. Admit it, You love it
07. 木枯らしが届く頃に (When the cold winter winds arrive)

Into The Water -Video Clip-
Jacket Making Movie
Into The Water -Video Clip- Off Shot Movie
※Includes photobooklet(52P)

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Source: [Tohoshinki Official Site]
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[TRANS] 150502 JYJ Junsu Shows Support For Gummy, Makes A Guest Appearance At Her Concert

JYJ’s Junsu attended Gummy’s concert as a guest.

On the afternoon of 1 May, Junsu appeared on the stage of Gummy’s solo concert ‘Fall in Love’, which was held at the Ewha Womans University Samsung Hall.

Upon being introduced by Gummy, Junsu began the guest performance with ‘Flower’. Following that, he said, “It’s my first time (singing) at another artiste’s concert. It’s the first time since the TVXQ days when we attended our seniors’, Fly to the Sky and Kangta’s, concerts as guests. I’m happy and honoured that it’s for Gummy’s concert, as she is a singer I like.”

In addition, he drew much laughter when he tried to survey the age group present at the venue, by saying, “My concerts mostly have audiences from the late 20s to 30s, I’m curious which generation is the majority here at Gummy’s concert.”

Finally, he ended off the guest performance with the number ‘Loving You Keeps Me Alive’ from the musical ‘Dracula’.

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Source: [Osen via kstyle]
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[TRANS] 150208 Park Yoochun in Beijing, “Would Like To Act In A Chinese Martial Arts Film”

Korean artist Park Yoochun held his solo fanmeet, titled “Park Yu Chun Loving YU”, at the Beijing Olympic Sports Center at 7.30pm on 7 February. Earlier that afternoon, Park Yoochun first made his appearance at a press conference, and greeted the media in Chinese. He also revealed, “I’ve specially prepared live performances for the Chinese fans today. I hope to interact with the fans for a longer period of time and at closer proximity, and make good memories for everyone.”

Would Like To Act In A Martial Arts Film If He Could Do A Movie in China
Park Yoochun made his debut as a singer back in 2003, and began gaining recognition as an actor since 2010 after starring in projects such as “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, “Miss You” and “Haemoo”. He has been awarded multiple Most Outstanding Actor awards for his dramas, and swept the Best New Actor awards at award shows including the Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Daejong Film Awards last year with the movie “Haemoo”. Such good results are not commonly seen among the idol singers-turned-actors in the Korean entertainment industry.

During the press conference, Park Yoochun mentioned that he had received invites to act in Chinese movies and dramas and said, “If I were to come to China to film a movie, I hope it’ll be a period martial arts film. I’ve seen a lot of such movies since I was young and it seems especially cool, so I’d like to challenge myself.”

Surprised At The Support From So Many Fans In China
Last year, Park Yoochun participated in the recording of the ‘Homme Fatale Season’ special episode of “Happy Camp”, and achieved high viewer ratings. He feels that one cannot be overly relaxed when filming variety shows, and should work hard at it, but the entire process was very interesting. “It was a very interesting experience. If there were similar programs in Korea, it should be very well received. The hosts of ‘Happy Camp’ are all really nice people.”

Park Yoochun opened a Weibo account on 6 January this year, and there were over 20,000 reposts on his first Weibo post. He said that he had not expected such a large response, “I did not expect that there’d be so many Chinese fans supporting me, it was really a surprise.”

Singing “十年 (Ten Years)” and  “童话 (Fairy tale)” For The Fans During The Fanmeet
During the Beijing Fanmeet which was held later that night, Park Yoochun specially chose two classic Chinese songs “十年” and “童话” as a special surprise for the fans in China. With regards to learning Chinese songs. he mentioned that learning them was easier than expected, and very interesting. “Chinese is difficult to learn because of the intonations, but when singing there isn’t a need to consider the intonations, and I can sing following the melody and music, so I think learning Chinese songs is a fascinating thing.”

After the press conference ended, Park Yoochun immediately went to the venue of the fanmeet to rehearse, in order to present a perfect performance for the fans. He said, “Having the first stop of this fanmeet tour here in Beijing makes me both anxious and excited. I hope to be able to have longer and closer interactions with the fans, so that everyone can take home the best memories.”

Source: [Sina]

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[TRANS] 150206 March 2015, Kim Jaejoong’s Last Korean Event Before Enlistment Confirmed!!


Good afternoon.  This is JYJ’s Japan Official Website.

It has been decided that a Jaejoong event will be held in Korea this coming March.

The title (of the event) is ‘All About Jaejoong’.

This event will be the last event before enlistment, and Jaejoong  will be giving his last greetings to the Japanese  fans.

The detailed schedule will be released at a later date, after more details have been decided upon.

In the meantime, please wait patiently^^

*Details regarding this event will be posted on the official site once they are confirmed. We ask that you kindly hold off any enquiries relating to this event in the meantime.

Source: JYJ Japan

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[TRANS] 140528 Bong Joon-Ho’s Production, “Sea Fog” Pre-sells To 5 Countries

On 28 May, movie distributor New announced that the movie “Sea Fog”, produced by director Bong Joon-ho, had been sold at the Cannes Film Festival to Japan, France, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, ahead of its release.

“Sea Fog” depicts an unexpected incident which 6 crew members aboard an old fishing boat unexpectedly find themselves caught up in. The cast includes Kim Yun-seok, JYJ’s Yoochun, Han Ye-ri, Lee Hee-Joon, Moon Sung-Geun and Kim Sang-ho.

A representative of the French distributor Wild Side said, “There was 10 times the tension and emotion which I felt while reading the scenario (synopsis). There was a strong power. Bong Joon-ho, who is releasing his first production as producer, continues to explore humanly emotions.”

“Sea Fog”, which was revealed for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival, is expected to screen in Korean cinemas in August. Ahead of that, the “Sea Fog” team revealed the movie poster. The tense mood of the film is brought across by the two characters who are trying to grab onto each others hands, increasing the level of anticipation for the movie.

Source: [Chosun Ilbo Japanese Edition]

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[TRANS] 140527 Tohoshinki Showed Their All! From Their Sturdiness, To Their Charms And Manly Appeal… Spellbounding And Intoxicating 4 Days In Tokyo Dome

Tohoshinki, who are currently in the midst of their “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~TREE~”, the tour with the most concerts they have had thus far, held their Tokyo Dome concerts over 4 days from 20 to 25 May. The dome concerts this time are almost the halfway mark of the tour, which began on 22 April at the Yokohama Arena, and consists of 29 concerts at 11 locations across Japan. There were initially only 3 (Tokyo) dome concerts announced, but an additional day was added after much request from the fans, making it a 4-day event in which over 220,000 audiences were wowed.

The performances in the tour this time are focused on the songs from their latest album “Tree”, which was released in March 2014. The audience was overwhelmed by Tohoshinki getting fired up in fierce dance numbers that resemble aggressive fights rather than dances, with them baring their fangs, and charmed by their manly appeal which was unmasked through polished stylish performances. Be it energetic and encouraging songs, or charming pop numbers, the venue was filled with smiles. The audience was also serenaded by grand ballads and sweet love songs. There were also nostalgic songs for those who had been fans for many years, and the variety in the staging kept the fully-packed venue entertained.

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