Welcome to dongbangdata.net :)

Dongbangdata is a site started by TheRarasaurus & Melodiamuse, two self-declared ninjas who have been translating DBSK / JYJ news since 2009 :) The reason why we started the site was because we enjoy translating, and we wanted to share what we did with people, on our own terms, without others telling us what we had to do.

And we’ve been recently joined by JugglingTheClouds~ And we love her~  So there’s 3 of us, and that’s all.

We are a site that translates news from Korean, Japanese and Chinese. We take news from various, and occasionally suspicious, news media channels, and we write it in readable english. And strange as it may seem, we find ourselves writing long T/Ns about the obvious, so here is the overarching principals in which we work by:



1) We translate news from and about Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Yunho and Changmin, as a group, as groups, and as individuals. We have decided that we are NOT an OT5 site by any definition, simply because there are too many skewed, illogical definitions out there.

We are just 3 people who love and spend too much time & money on the above 5 men, and therefore dongbangdata is a site that just translates news related to them. We don’t claim to translate every single piece of news about them (since we have actual lives) but we try our best.

2) We state our sources for a reason – and the meaning of the text we write is never our own.

3) No articles we translate directly represent our opinions and/or beliefs. However, this does not mean that we don’t agree with anything within the article, it just means we may not agree with everything.  We feel strongly that writing opinion-based translator notes tends to skew the judgment of the reader, which is why we refrain from adding anything more than we need to into the notes.

4) We translate to inform, and are in no way trying to back up the authenticity of the information that is stated within articles.


For any questions, please contact us at tohosuperu@gmail.com

And follow us on twitter at @dongbangdata :)

DISCLAIMER : We will be as reliable as possible, to our knowledge but sometimes opinions differ. Just thought you might want to know. :D

23 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your hardwork :D
    I just found this site but I already like it because you all still support the 5 :))
    anyway, are you japanese/korean? :) just wondering…hehe

    • well hey there :D I (MelodiaMuse) am Korean :) I live in Dubai but will be moving back to Korea in June.
      Rarasaurus is from Singapore but she’s currently studying in Japan!
      Thanks for your interest in us!! :D

  2. Hi there!^^
    I’ve been reading this blog for 1 week and i love it!
    I’m the admin of SPfTVXQ (Spanish fanclub for TVXQ). We’ve been supporting our beloved 5 boys since 2005 and we are nearly a 6 years old fanclub in Spain, the first one ^^ i would love to afilliate both sites. I wonder if we could do so.
    Thanks for still believe in them!
    Look forward to hearing from you^^

  3. Oh sorry i post it in the worng site hahahaha!! XDD but anyway we would like to afilliate XD We support the five of them as well^^ and we are in search of many different Allfans sites for afilliation^^

    Sorry for the double post XD my fault

    See you and thanks for creating this site^^

  4. Hi Alexiel :)

    I guess there shouldn’t be any problem with that^^
    We’re still working out the kinks in the page for now, but we’ll be adding the links and all soon enough :D

    Hope you enjoy our little site :)

  5. hehe thanks for replying^^ i will stay tunned^^

    Sure i will! i’ve already had a look in your old post and i would like to have your permission to translate them into spanish :)

    This will be a great site!

    Thanks for this, thanks for still keeping the faith! U have all our support^^


    PS: I found u on twitter haha so we’ll follow u there as well^^ Hwaiting!

    • As long as its credited properly, I don’t see any issues with translating it ^^

      Thank you for your support~~ Let’s all work hard together haha

  6. Thank u^^ Sure i will ^^ i always do it ^^

    U are welcome it’s our pleasure to support another fans and over all fans who are still keeping the faith in the five of them^^

    Thanks again for your hard work^^ and Hwaiting! Let’s do our best :)

  7. i’ve just found this site…
    thank you who made translation all news of dbsk and jyj..
    and also for your hardwork..

  8. are you both from Tohosomnia? the way you translate tweets is similar to them, so i wonder if it’s jeeelim or not. just curious. ^^

    • the two of us are former-Tohosomnia translators but we’ve resigned from that position for personal reasons ^^
      (This is jeeelim5 btw :) I changed my username to MelodiaMuse)

  9. glad to know that it’s you jeeelim (feeling close)lol. i have so much faith in your translation.

    when i read the translation of tweets from JYJ at soompi and saw that the source is dongbangdata, i immediately wonder if that is jeeelim or not. coz you have a unique way of translating. :D thanks for not giving up and for keeping this site still an ot5 site.

    keep it up. and will keep on coming to this site. i know you have good intention, so all the best for dongbangdata. :)

    • naw thanks <3 It's always an honor to hear that my translations are of help :)

      haha, I didn't realize I had a unique way of translating the tweets X) I guess I probably do? :P Anywho, I'll never give up on TVXQ or on being a lover of all five guys so don't worry! I'll always be around ;)

  10. I want to say, THANK YOU a lot, because other Cassiopeia’s blogs are getting lazy and taking new all the time from JYJ’s and Homin’s blogs, but you’re working hard and translating for us.

    LOVE U REALLY -hugs-

  11. at last i do find people who think ot5 or the stans are ridiculous. i am just a mere old fan of the five men above who wants to know what should i know about them. so thank you, this is what i need :)

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