[TRANS] 160219 [edaily Culture Awards] Kim Junsu, “We’ll Work Hard To Create Even Better Productions”


“I will accept this award as a compliment and encouragement, and I promise to work hard to create even better productions in the future.”

JYJ member and musical actor Kim Junsu attended the ’3rd edaily Culture Awards’ awards ceremony and gala concert to receive an award on behalf of ‘Death Note’, which won the best musical award.

Kim Junsu stated, “On behalf of the 100 or so staff and cast, I would like to thank you for the award.” He continued to add, “Our performance last summer was the first time ‘Death Note’ was performed in Korea, and it was the debut production of C-JeS Culture, so this is a very meaningful award for us,” and “I would like to thank CEO Baek Chang Joo, who worked to get this production together when I expressed that I wished to do it, as well as Kuriyama Tamiya, who produced the Korean version of the musical.”

He also stated, “Teamwork was so important for each and every performance we held. I want to share this honor with Hong Gwangho, Park Haena, Kang Hongseok and Jung Sunah. C-JeS Culture will accept this award as a compliment and encouragement, and we promise to work hard to create even better productions in the future.”

Kim Junsu was praised for his reinterpretation of genius detective L in Death Note. C-JeS Culture invested 7 billion Won in ‘Death Note’ (2015/06/20~08/15 Sungnam Arts Centre Opera House), which is based on the popular Japanese comic written by Takeshi Obata. The comic books have sold over 30 million copies in Japan alone, and have also been translated into 35 languages, including Korean.

The judging committee of the edaily Culture Awards praised the musical for reinterpreting the Japanese source material, contributing to diversifying the domestic musical industry by having only one actor per role while performing seven days a week, and bringing in large crowds.Though the Korean version mirrored the original Japanese musical in terms of the musical numbers and stage production, the Korean actors’ vocal talent and acting skills took the production to a new level.

Meanwhile, the best musical award was announced by musical production director Yoo Huisung and Nancy Lang.



Source: [edaily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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