[TRANS] 160219 U-Know Yunho’s Japanese Fanclub Donates School Supplies To Yangju

‘KACHIKAJA Be with Yunho’, a Japanese fanclub of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, has donated school supplies worth 4.1 million Won to Yangju, Gyeonggido in an effort to help children in need.

A representative of ‘KACHIKAJA Be with Yunho’ stated, “We’ve decided to make this donation to follow in the footsteps of U-Know Yunho, who is known for his donations and charity work,” and “We wanted to give back to the community.”

The fanclub will be making the donation to Yangju as that is where U-Know Yunho is currently fulfilling his military service.

Other fanclubs of U-Know Yunho have also donated to the city of Yangju, including Korean fanclub ‘DC Inside U-Know Yunho Gallery’, and the U-Know Yunho fanclub coalitions ‘Wish’ and ‘Daum Strawberry Prince’.

A representative of the city stated, “We hope our connection with U-Know Yunho, which began with his military service, lasts for a very long time.”

Source: [newsis]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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