[TRANS] 160205 Park Yoochun Shows His Support For Park Yoohwan On His ’Laws Of The Jungle’ Appearance


JYJ’s Park Yoochun recently showed his support for his younger brother Park Yoohwan.

The episode of the SBS variety show ‘Laws of the Jungle in Panama’ that aired on the 5th showed Kim Byungman, Oh Jiho, Lee Jangwoo, Park Yoohwan and Ahn Seha setting foot on their expedition to El Camino Real.

Park Yoohwan held an interview with the staff before getting on his flight and said, “My brother really wanted to go to the jungle with us. He told me I had to go and suffer in his place.”

Cameras also caught Park Yoohwan having a phone conversation with his brother at the airport.

When his younger brother said, “We’re leaving now,” Park Yoochun replied by saying, “Oh~ Be safe and take care of yourself. Make sure you don’t get hurt.”

Park Yoochun also seemed to be envious of his brother when he added, “Take some pictures too. I’m curious about what it’s like there.”

Source: [tvdaily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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