[TRANS] 160202 Donghae, Choi Siwon And Max Changmin Join The Police’s Special Promotions Unit


Super Junior’s Donghae (30, Lee Donghae) and Choi Siwon (29), and TVXQ’s Max Changmin (28, Shim Changmin) are currently fulfilling their military requirements at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s special promotions unit (formerly the Whistle Troop).

According to the special promotions unit, Donghae, Choi Siwon and Max Changmin were recently moved to the division.

Donghae enlisted last year on the 15th of October at the Nonsan military training facility in the Southern Choongcheong province. After receiving his basic training at the SMPA’s recruit training center, he moved their full time.

Choi Siwon and Max Changmin enlisted last November and are currently working in the SMPA’s special promotions unit.

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Max Changmin made his debut as a member of TVXQ in 2004 and has since gained popularity both in and outside of Korea. He gained the title of a top Hallyu star when TVXQ held a concert in Tokyo Dome in only four years since the group’s debut in Japan.

Donghae, Choi Siwon and Max Changmin will complete their military requirement of one year and nine months, and return to the entertainment industry late next year.

Source: [star mt]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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