[TRANS] 160128 Mayor Park Won Soon Releases An Official Statement Regarding Kim Junsu’s ‘SMA Controversy’

Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon has promised to make sure that Kim Junsu’s ‘SMA Popularity Award Controversy’ does not happen again.

Mayor Park Won Soon took to Facebook on the 27th of January to give his official statement on Kim Junsu being unable to appear on stage during the Seoul Music Awards (SMA) to accept his popularity award.

Mayor Park stated, “My memory of JYJ can be described in two photos. One is a picture of them made up of 1,500 photos collected during a voting campaign. I didn’t know much about JYJ back then, but I remembered them for their fans, who stepped up to get more people to vote and participate in society. The second photo is of when I met Kim Junsu (Xia Junsu) after his performance in the musical ‘December’. It was then that I realized he was someone who deserved to have such a great fandom.”


He continued to say, “It hurts my heart to think of how much it must have hurt JYJ and their fans, who have gone through so much, to go through the SMA popularity award controversy. The city of Seoul cannot excuse itself from the anger of fans by stating that we were not involved in the awards ceremony except by name association alone.”

He emphasized, “The city of Seoul has notified the organizers of the Seoul Music Awards that if such a controversy happens again, we will not allow them to use ‘Seoul’ in their name. It is difficult to accept this controversy as a simple mistake. We know that this is not enough to heal the wounds that JYJ and their fans have sustained. We will always be there for those who have been hurt by this controversy.”

On the 14th of January, JYJ’s Kim Junsu was awarded the popularity award at the Seoul Music Awards, but was not allowed to attend the event to receive the award. His fans requested an official statement from Park Won Soon as the city of Seoul was a sponsor of the event. The mayor’s initial response was, “We are currently looking into it.”

Source: [newsen]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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