[TRANS] 160125 Kim Junsu On Making His Musical Comeback, “The ‘Dracula’ Production Always Gives Me Chills”


Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu (JYJ) has returned to the musical ‘Dracula’ for the first time in two years, and recently expressed how he felt about his return.

On the 25th, C-JeS Culture stated, “Kim Junsu had his first performance in the musical ‘Dracula’ on Saturday (January 23rd), marking his return to the drama for the first time in two years. He dominated the stage with his talent and skill,” and “Kim Junsu showcased a deeper and more complex interpretation of his role, and his explosive vocal talent had audience members giving him thunderous applause by the end of the show, marking the return of ‘Dracula’.”

During the first run of ‘Dracula’ in 2014, Kim Junsu drew the attention of many with his red hair and provocative makeup. His haunting gaze and shocking visuals fit perfectly with the character of ‘Dracula’, and left such a great impact that it gave birth to the nickname ‘Xiacul’.

After his first performance, Kim Junsu showed his affection for the production as he stated, “It feels great to stand on stage as Dracula again for the first time in two years. The musical production always gives me chills whenever I stand on stage.” He continued to add, “I’m really happy to be able to greet my fans as Dracula once again, and I will do my best to move my audience members every performance.”

The musical ‘Dracula’ is a fateful love story that transcends time, and is an reinterpretation of the famous Bram Stoker novel by the genius composer Frank Wildhorn. The musical was first performed in 2004 on Broadway and has since been a much loved production.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu’s musical ‘Dracula’ will be performed at the Sejong Culture Center till the 9th of February.

Source: [osen]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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