[TRANS] 160124 Seol Kyung Goo Appears In The M/V For Park Yoochun’s First Solo Album


The friendship between Seol Kyung Goo and Park Yoochun has recently drawn attention.

Seol Kyung Goo appeared in the music video for ‘How much love do you have in your wallet’, the title track of Park Yoochun’s first solo album that was released on the 18th of January. He embodied the fathers of today, who work hard every day despite life being tough for their families.

‘How much love do you have in your wallet’ is a melodious track that perfectly fits Park Yoochun’s soft voice. Seol Kyung Goo moved the hearts of many by playing an average father in the singer’s music video.

Seol Kyung Goo immediately agreed to appear in Park Yoochun’s music video when asked. When he heard that Seol Kyung Goo would be appearing in his music video, Park Yoochun rushed to the filming location to show his support.

A representative stated, “We couldn’t hold back their appreciation for Seol Kyung Goo’s professionalism and amazing acting skills, as he focused on every expression, gaze, and hand gesture. The staff on location were deeply engrossed with every scene, and by the end, many were wiping tears away.”

Source: [edaily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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