[TRANS] 160118 [Opinion] The Two-Faced Broadcasting Industry That Ignored The JYJ Law

Used as a source of entertainment but unable to appear on TV… Till when will this be the reality?

‘The act of a third party, who is not the person wishing to appear on the broadcasted program or the broadcasting company representative, making a request that violates the original decision-making, adjustment or arbitration process, therefore resulting in the person wishing to appear on the broadcasted program not being able to appear for reasons unrelated to the production of the broadcasted program’ is now prohibited under the Broadcast Act (newly-created Broadcast Act Section 85 Clause 1 Sub-clause 8), and any broadcasting companies found violating this law will be subject to a correction order or a fine, up to 2% of the company’s sales, issued by the Korea Communications Commission (KCC).

This is the law that was passed on November 30th, 2015 by the National Assembly under the Broadcast Act. Headed by Congresswoman Choi Minhee, the law was created to stop large entertainment agencies from abusing their status in the industry following the acts of JYJ’s former agencies and other organizations blocking JYJ from appearing on music programs, and the law was thus named the ‘JYJ Law’,


A reality that ignores the law


However, it seems that this law, that was passed by the National Assembly, has already been violated. The Seoul Music Awards (SMAs) were held on the 14th and although Kim Junsu won the Popularity Award, he was not able to appear on stage. The SMAs included Kim Junsu as a nominee for their poll, which required payment to cast votes, but then excluded him from the awards ceremony after notifying his entertainment agency.

Congresswoman Choi Minhee brought up the issue on her official SNS account on the 14th ands stated, “I heard that the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Tourism committee that was in charge of the event did not discuss the matter of Kim Junsu’s appearance with his entertainment agency in advance, and simply notified the agency that he would not be invited as they were only inviting those that had received the main awards,” and “Although it is not directly covered by the JYJ Law, the matter should be looked into if Kim Junsu was unfairly barred from attending the Seoul Music Awards as it can be considered as a relevant matter to the law.”

It is as if someone was definitely hit, but the perpetrator is unknown. Though the committee is said to have only invited those who won the main awards, the ceremony was attended by all award winners, including those who won the Hallyu and overseas popularity awards, except for Kim Junsu.

Of course, although it is up to the individual singer whether he or she will attend an awards ceremony or not, it is understandable for fans to feel cheated when they paid to vote for an award their singer was not even invited to receive. The issue of popularity awards becoming a way to make money is also an issue that needs to be reviewed. This is especially important for JYJ, who have been blacklisted from the entertainment industry for 7 years now. The reality hadn’t changed, even up till the moment that two of the members enlisted in the military last year. How bleak the situation must be for fans to open their wallets for 47 days just to get their singer on stage.


The two-faced broadcasting industry


This unfair treatment had Kim Junsu take to his Twitter account to say, “My heart aches. Although I’m okay, I hate myself for being unable to repay you for your love and care when I think about how you are all feeling right now.” Around the time that the awards ceremony was going on, his agency aired a live internet stream to give him an opportunity to give his acceptance speech. During this broadcast, Kim Junsu did his best to console his fans, who had worked so hard to get him on stage but ended up getting hurt in the process. It was a moment of camaraderie with the singer, marred with years of scars but much stronger now because of it, helping his fans get back on their feet.

In complete contrast to the somber reality that Kim Junsu and his fans face, MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ recently invited EXID’s Hani, who was revealed to be currently dating Kim Junsu, to talk about their relationship. It is true that ‘Radio Star’ has always used gossip to keep the conversation flowing on their show. However, it is cruel of them to profit off of a singer who can’t even appear on their show. This cruelty continued at the awards ceremony as well. Jeon Hyunmoo, who was a MC that night, made jokes about Kim Junsu to Hani, causing her to tear up on stage.

Watching Kyuhyun, a SM singer who didn’t say a single word when Kim Junsu was brought up on ‘Radio Star’, and Jeon Hyunmoo, a SM C&C celebrity who used Kim Junsu as the punchline of his jokes, leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth. This is the two-faced nature of the entertainment industry, that uses people as sources of entertainment but refuses to let them appear on stage at awards shows.

Source: [ohmynews]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

2 thoughts on “[TRANS] 160118 [Opinion] The Two-Faced Broadcasting Industry That Ignored The JYJ Law

  1. Sad but true.
    Still happening to our JYJ.
    But we (JYJ fans) become stronger n more mature. We believe in JYJ. They will overcome this situation.
    JYJ fighting.

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