[TRANS] 150820 Yoochun Weibo Interview With Fans

[T/N: The interview was conducted through Weibo. Fans would post questions using the hashtag, and during the designated 1-hour timeslot, Yoochun would selectively reply these posts.]

(3.53pm KST) Yoochun: I am ready! The staff will be helping to translate my Chinese! Everyone, we’re about to begin

(3.56pm KST, Korean) Yoochun: Hello!!!!!

(3.56pm KST, Korean) Yoochun: Muahahahaha

Fan: Do you have thoughts of acting in a movie in China after you are discharged from the army? An action film for instance, really looking forward to you coming to China
(4.02pm KST) Yoochun: Are you a reporter? Haha it feels like a reporter interviewing me

Fan: Yoochun-ah, at what age do you intend to get married?
(4.03pm KST) Yoochun: I’ll get married when you have 10 kids!

Fan: (in Korean) Oppa, please come to China frequently
(4.04pm KST, Korean) Yoochun: I wanna go to China too!

Fan: Working now~ Wonder if I’ll get a reply
(4.60pm KST) Yoochun: You’re working now? That’s late

Fan: What do you wish to say to the older fans who are still single? Since today is China’s Valentine’s Day
(4.07pm KST) Yoochun: Being able to have time to yourself is also a good thing…

Fan: Oppa, why won’t you reply me. Pitiful life of a student [泪]
(4.08pm KST) Yoochun: Replied!

Fan: What do you think about the way you look when you cry?

(4.09pm KST) Yoochun: Looks really pitiful… Baby baby

Fan: You’ve held up so many years of my life and now you won’t even give me a reply? Hmph
(4.10pm KST) Yoochun: Wait for a few more years, sorry [嘻嘻]

Fan: Oppa, where have your eyebrows gone to? 
(4.11pm KST) Yoochun: Gone to heaven..

Fan: Do you love me or do you love Junsu?

(4.12pm KST) Yoochun: I don’t know your resumé… haha just kidding! I like you~

Fan: Can I give you a kiss?

(4.13pm KST) Yoochun: The picture is so cute!!!

Fan: How can you be so handsome.
(4.14pm KST) Yoochun: I think your eyesight isn’t too good keke

Fan: Have you thought about any Chinese movie star you’d like to work with? The fans will really look forward to that
(4.15pm KST) Yoochun: Director Sammo Hung!*
[*T/N:  He’s a famous producer/actor of Kung Fu films in the movie industry]

Fan: Oppa, what have you been doing lately?
(4.16pm KST) Yoochun: Appreciating music~

Fan: What’s your favourite Chinese dish?
(4.17pm KST) Yoochun: Hotplate eggplant~ I like most regular Chinese dishes

Fan: I’m not going to ask anything.. Since you won’t see my post anyway
(4.17pm KST) Yoochun: Selected!

Fan: Oppa, what do you think of your selfie skills?
(4.18pm KST) Yoochun: I don’t have that kind of skills.. Actually I don’t know how to take a selfie

Fan: Do you want to hit Kim Junsu’s bum? 
(4.19pm KST) Yoochun: I’m not that kind of person [汗]

Fan: We’ll wait for you! We’ll wait for you! We’ll wait for you! We’ll wait for you! We’ll wait for you! We’ll wait for you! We’ll wait for you! We’ll wait for you! We’ll wait for you! We’ll wait for you! We’ll wait for you! We’ll wait for you! Alright? Alright? Alright?
(4.20pm KST) Yoochun: What’s the meaning of the sunflower in China?

Fan: What do you think about this man? 

(4.22pm KST) Yoochun: Hmm, I seem to have seen him around somewhere

Fan: What’s oppa’s favourite movie from China? 
(4.22pm KST) ‘僵尸* (Jiang Shi)’, do you know it?
[*Lit: Chinese vampires/zombies.]

Fan: I’m not doing my homework!!!!!!!!! Just for you!!!!!!!!! But you aren’t sending me a reply!!! I love you so!!!!!!!!!!

(4.26pm KST) Yoochun: You have to do your homework.. Your mother will be upset

Fan: Oppa~ Do you like eating hotpot~ After you are discharged from the army, come to China and we’ll treat you to hotpot! 

(4.27pm  KST) Yoochun: Love it! I really like Chinese hotpot!

Fan: How many love confessions have you received till date? Fans are not counted
(4.27pm KST) Yoochun: I don’t think there’s any… [困]

Fan: Do you have a favourite body part?
(4.31pm KST) Yoochun: My forehead, forehead.

Fan: Oppa has your Chinese improved? Did you learn any interesting words?
(4.32pm KST) Yoochun: Muacks

Fan: No, if you don’t reply I’m not going to eat today!!!!!!!!!!
(4.33pm KST) Yoochun: You have to eat.. Your mother will be upset

Fan: What are you preparing to do during this period of time before your enlistment?
(4.34pm KST) Yoochun: To commit the taste of home-cooked food to memory

Fan: An hour is too short, can we extend the time [爱你]
(4.35pm KST) Yoochun: I want to extend it as well..

Fan: If you still don’t reply, I’m going to go, I’m leaving. Just one last thing, I’m so sad, take care of yourself.
(4.36pm KST) Yoochun: I’ll take good care of myself.. Don’t go~

Fan: Have you eaten ←_←
(4.38pm KST) Yoochun: I haven’t eaten, so hungry

Fan: Oppa, I’m taking the college entrance exams this year! I won’t be able to receive your wishes! Can you give me some encouragement here!!!
(4.40pm KST) Yoochun: You’ve worked hard all this while. Although the end result is important, I hope you’ll enjoy the process as well. Press on

Fan: (in Korean) Oppa please write your name in Chinese characters.
(4.41pm KST) Yoochun: 朴有天

Fan: Post more on Weibo in future
(4.44pm KST) Yoochun: Alright!

Fan: Have you ever thought of keeping a beard? (T_T)

(4.46pm KST) Yoochun: I really want to! But it doesn’t suit my face!!

Fan: Mr Yoochun, how do you feel right not?
(4.46pm KST) Yoochun: I’m really happy to be able to communicate with you guys~

Fan: What’s your favourite colour?
(4.47pm KST) Yoochun: Light blue~

Fan: My mum asked why I was kneeling and browsing Weibo!!!!
(4.48pm KST) Yoochun: Be careful of your knees.. hehe

Fan: Park Yoochun it’s Valentine’s Day today but I’ve spent the whole day lying around at home. Can’t you give me a reply?
(4.49pm KST) Yoochun: Move around, it’s good to move around when you can!

Fan: Yoochun oppa, you’ll come to China after you’re done with army right?
(4.50pm KST) Yoochun: I will, I will go. I want to go

Fan: Oppa, do you prefer to to be with a fringe or without it??? I don’t care~~~ You’re still not replying [泪]
(4.51pm KST) Yoochun: Without

Fan: Park Yoochun, do you know that you’re really handsome!?
(4.51pm KST) Yoochun: I don’t know.

Fan: What are you doing after this Weibo interview?
(4.52pm KST) Yoochun: I still have another schedule [爱你]

Fan: How will we get through two years without seeing you, I’ll really really miss you, what should I do
(4.52pm KST) Yoochun: Time will pass very fast..

Fan: Oppa, do you think that chubby girls are cute, you must be honest alright, haha [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]
(4.53pm KST) Yoochun: I think the idea that guys have of chubby is different from the definition that women have keke

Fan: Oppa, do you think you sing or dance better?
(4.54pm KST) I’m not good at dancing.. Not going to dance anymore.. (kidding)

Fan: Park Yoochun!!!!!!!!!! Park Yoochun!!!!!!!!!! Park Yoochun!!!!!!!!!!  Time flies, an hour. No more no more.
(4.54pm KST) Yoochun: It really passed really fast, it feels like it’s only been 10 minutes.

Fan: Can you post a selfie?
(4.56pm KST) Yoochun: I will, hang on alright!

Fan: 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!! Park Yoochun I like you!! Last 5 minutes left!!! I’m so nervous
(4.58pm KST) Yoochun: We’re in different places, doing different things, but communicating. I didn’t know this previously, but being able to communicate like this despite being in different countries makes me feel very fortunate..

Fan: Just one reply before it’s over 
(4.59pm KST) Yoochun: Thank you, just thank you

Fan: You must remember that the Chinese fans really really love you!!!
(5.00pm KST) Yoochun: I will remember. Everyone take good care of yourselves, bye

(5.02pm KST, Korean) Yoochun: Everyone, thank you so much, it was really fun. I will miss everyone a lot, but let’s cherish that thought and smile when we meet in future. With that, bye!!!^^

(5.48pm KST, Korean) Throwing more photos [doge][喵喵][doge][喵喵]

Source: [Yoochun’s Weibo + Fans’ posts]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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