[TRANS] 150208 Park Yoochun in Beijing, “Would Like To Act In A Chinese Martial Arts Film”

Korean artist Park Yoochun held his solo fanmeet, titled “Park Yu Chun Loving YU”, at the Beijing Olympic Sports Center at 7.30pm on 7 February. Earlier that afternoon, Park Yoochun first made his appearance at a press conference, and greeted the media in Chinese. He also revealed, “I’ve specially prepared live performances for the Chinese fans today. I hope to interact with the fans for a longer period of time and at closer proximity, and make good memories for everyone.”

Would Like To Act In A Martial Arts Film If He Could Do A Movie in China
Park Yoochun made his debut as a singer back in 2003, and began gaining recognition as an actor since 2010 after starring in projects such as “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, “Miss You” and “Haemoo”. He has been awarded multiple Most Outstanding Actor awards for his dramas, and swept the Best New Actor awards at award shows including the Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Daejong Film Awards last year with the movie “Haemoo”. Such good results are not commonly seen among the idol singers-turned-actors in the Korean entertainment industry.

During the press conference, Park Yoochun mentioned that he had received invites to act in Chinese movies and dramas and said, “If I were to come to China to film a movie, I hope it’ll be a period martial arts film. I’ve seen a lot of such movies since I was young and it seems especially cool, so I’d like to challenge myself.”

Surprised At The Support From So Many Fans In China
Last year, Park Yoochun participated in the recording of the ‘Homme Fatale Season’ special episode of “Happy Camp”, and achieved high viewer ratings. He feels that one cannot be overly relaxed when filming variety shows, and should work hard at it, but the entire process was very interesting. “It was a very interesting experience. If there were similar programs in Korea, it should be very well received. The hosts of ‘Happy Camp’ are all really nice people.”

Park Yoochun opened a Weibo account on 6 January this year, and there were over 20,000 reposts on his first Weibo post. He said that he had not expected such a large response, “I did not expect that there’d be so many Chinese fans supporting me, it was really a surprise.”

Singing “十年 (Ten Years)” and  “童话 (Fairy tale)” For The Fans During The Fanmeet
During the Beijing Fanmeet which was held later that night, Park Yoochun specially chose two classic Chinese songs “十年” and “童话” as a special surprise for the fans in China. With regards to learning Chinese songs. he mentioned that learning them was easier than expected, and very interesting. “Chinese is difficult to learn because of the intonations, but when singing there isn’t a need to consider the intonations, and I can sing following the melody and music, so I think learning Chinese songs is a fascinating thing.”

After the press conference ended, Park Yoochun immediately went to the venue of the fanmeet to rehearse, in order to present a perfect performance for the fans. He said, “Having the first stop of this fanmeet tour here in Beijing makes me both anxious and excited. I hope to be able to have longer and closer interactions with the fans, so that everyone can take home the best memories.”

Source: [Sina]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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