[TRANS] 150205 Fans From All Over The World Make Donations To Celebrate Jung Yunho’s Birthday

With reports that Jung Yunho (U-Know Yunho) donated his entire performance fee for appearing in the movie ‘Ode to My Father’, it was recently found that his fanclub also made a donation to help children in need.

The Green Umbrella Child Fund, a global child welfare organization (www.childfund.or.kr), announced that fans from Korea, China, Japan and the US made donations to the foundation to celebrate Jung Yunho’s birthday, which will be on the 6th of February.

Members of Jung Yunho’s Korean fanclub ‘DC Inside U-Know Yunho Gallery’ visited the Green Umbrella Child Fund’s Virgin Mary Benevolence Orphanage on the 24th of January to provide lunch and a variety of donations such as winter appliances and school supplies. The donations that were made will provide warmth and educational support for the sixty children living in the orphanage.

Fans from all over the world also lent a helping hand to those in need to celebrate the singer’s birthday. The American fanclub ‘Dongbang Aemi (동방愛미)’ donated 3 million Won, the Japanese fanclub ‘KACHIKAJA Be with Yunho from Japan’ donated 2.06 million Won and the Korea-USA-Canada joint fanclub ‘JungYunhoFans’ donated 3.63 million Won. This came to a total of 8.7 million Won in donations that were made to help marginalized children through the Green Umbrella Child Fund.

The fanclubs’ proactive donation participation stems from Jung Yunho’s love of helping others. Jung Yunho donated his entire performance fee from ‘Ode to My Father’ to the Green Umbrella Child Fund and said, “I want to help in whatever way I can so that all children can nurture dreams and hope in their hearts.”

To honor the star’s sincere efforts, his fans have also participated in a variety of donation drives over the years, paying for the medical fees of children with rare diseases and donating rice for senior citizens and others in need.

One member of Jung Yunho’s fanclub said, “I was able to learn so much about the gift of giving as a fan who has watched Jung Yunho regularly participate in donation drives and show his love and affection for all children,” and “We will continue to help those in need in accordance to his kind and giving nature.”

CEO Lee Jae Hoon of the Green Umbrella Child Fund said, “Thanks to the kind hearts of Jung Yunho’s fanclub, we have been able to nurture the hopes and dreams of many marginalized children,” and “We will treasure the donations and supplies that have been given to us, and use them to ensure a bright and healthy childhood for those who need help.”

Meanwhile, Jung Yunho played the role of Nam Jin, a top star in the 1970s, in the movie ‘Ode to My Father’. His perfect Jeolla Province dialect and impressive acting skills added more excitement to the movie, kicking off a successful movie debut for the star.

Source: [sportsseoul]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

One thought on “[TRANS] 150205 Fans From All Over The World Make Donations To Celebrate Jung Yunho’s Birthday

  1. yunho is truly an inspiration when it comes to helping others and being generous and loving. he has influenced countless people to do good, including me. that is the best gift he could give aside from his talents for others to enjoy!

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