[TRANS] 150203 TVXQ’s Japanese Huis Ten Bosch CM Is Released… ‘That Looks Like Heaven’

Idol group TVXQ’s recent Huis Ten Bosch CM has become a hot topic.

Huis Ten Bosch released the video through their official YouTube channel on the 18th of January. The video features TVXQ wearing clean-cut outfits and posing amidst the scenery of Husi Ten Bosch, with their song ‘I just can’t quit myself’ from their recent album ‘WITH’ playing in the background.

TVXQ’s welcoming wordsi n the CM are expected to be a great hit amongst their fans all over the world.

Fans who saw the video left a variety of comments like, “So does that mean I’ll get to see TVXQ if I go there?”, “Although I can tell that they used CG, TVXQ’s faces were so beautiful to begin with that it’s impossible to describe it in words”, “If they promoted Gangwondo’s English Town like this, I would go every day. Why does Japan get all the good commercials…”

Huis Ten Bosch is a European-styled theme park in Nagasaki that has perfectly recreated the streets of the Netherlands, with windmills, tulips and European architecture.

The theme park holds a variety of festivals throughout the year, including ones centering around global beer and wine, the Fall season, Kyushu’s biggest fireworks display, a global flower garden show, music festivals, Halloween and fall roses.

Source: [topstarnews]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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