[TRANS] 150129 Park Yoochun To Hold A Fanmeet In China… Expected To Sing A Chinese Song

Park Yoochun, who enjoys immense popularity in China, is set to hold a fanmeet tour in the mainland.

Chinese media reported on the 28th and 29th of January that Hallyu star Park Yoochun will hold large-scale fanmeets in Beijing (February 7th), Chengdu (February 14th) and Shanghai (March 1st).

The media also noted that Park Yoochun is expected to sing Eason Chan’s ’10 years’ during his Beijing fanmeet and said, “This will be the last time that Park Yoochun will greet his Chinese fans before enlisting.”

Regarding the actor himself, who has amassed a large following through his roles in dramas such as ‘Rooftop Prince’, the Chinese media made positive comments like, “He likes to eat lamb skewers, a type of Chinese street food, and it’s been said that he enjoys drinking Chinese liquor,” and “His three fanmeets are expected to end in great success.”

The Chinese media expect there to be many couples attending the events as Park Yoochun’s fanmeet tour will be held around the same time period as the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day. Airports in the three cities are expected to be packed in anticipation for his arrival.

Park Yoochun was praised in the articles, being called, “A representative figure of the Korean entertainment industry who can both sing and act,” and “A talented songwriter, and a successful singer and actor.”

Source: [mydaily]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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