[TRANS] 150122 Yeon Jin Goo Says, “Park Yoochun Was So Engrossed In His Role In ‘Sea Fog’ That I Didn’t Recognize Him At First”

Actor Yeo Jin Goo recently mentioned Park Yoochun’s debut movie ‘Sea Fog’.

Ahead of the release of his movie ‘Shoot My Heart’ on the 22nd, Yeo Jin Goo conducted an interview with OBS Plus and said, “Although I wasn’t able to watch Yoochun’s ‘Sea Fog’, I couldn’t recognize him at first when I saw the poster. I think he was that engrossed in his role.”

On this day, Yeo Jin Goo talked about Park Yoochun, who he was nominated alongside in the Best Newcomer category at the Daejong Film Awards, and said, “It was so great to see him for the first time in a while. When we first met, I didn’t get to see him very often because I was so young, but we got to know each other better through that awards ceremony.”

He continued to add, “Yoochun was very friendly and approached me first. I’ve grown a lot since my appearance in ‘I Miss You’ and he said he was surprised to see how tall I am now. I jokingly told him that his face was still the same after all this time.”

Yeo Jin Goo didn’t hold back on his praise for the older star as he said, “It was great to see Yoochun win the Best Newcomer Award. I met him when I was much younger than I am now, and to see him come so far, starring in movies and winning awards at film festivals, made me realize just how hardworking he is.”

Last of all, the actor lamented that he was unable to watch ‘Sea Fog’ due to its ‘R’ rating and added, “I saw the poster for ‘Sea Fog’, and I didn’t recognize him at first. I think he was that engrossed in his role.”

Yeo Jin Goo first met Park Yoochun when he played the younger role of Han Jung Woo (played by Park Yoochun) in the 2012 MBC drama ‘I Miss You’.

Source: [OBS]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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