[TRANS] 150121 Suzy-Park Yoochun To Work Together On ‘Girl Who Sees Scents’? “Still Under Consideration, No Confirmations Yet”

miss A’s Suzy and singer-actor Park Yoochun are currently considering appearing in the drama ‘Girl who sees Scents’ together.

On the 20th, Suzy’s agency JYP Entertainment said, “‘Girl who sees Scents’ is one of the drama offers that Suzy has received,” and “Although it’s true that we’ve received and are currently reviewing the script, we haven’t decided on her appearance in the drama yet.”

Park Yoochun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “It’s true that he’s received an offer to appear in the drama. But it is only one of the many productions that is under consideration.”

‘Girl who sees Scents’ is the follow-up production of writer Lee Hui Myung, who worked on Park Yoochun’s hit drama ‘Rooftop Prince’. Many are curious to see if the two will team up again to create yet another hit production.

Meanwhile, ‘Girl who sees Scents’ is a story about an apathetic man who lost his sister to a ‘bar code murder’ three years ago, and a woman who miraculously survived the same accident but has lost all her memories. The man and woman in the drama are 29 and 22 years old respectively, and the roles will be given to actors in a similar age range. The story originates from a webtoon series with the same name.

PD Baek Soo Chan and writer Lee Hui Myung will team up to create the drama, which will begin airing in March following ‘Hyde, Jekyll and I’.

Source: [donga]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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