[TRANS] 150120 Kim Jaejoong’s Mystical Photoshoot, “The Only People Who Accept Me Fully Are My Fans”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong recently released a mystical, black and white photoshoot.

On the 19th, fashion magazine ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ released Kim Jaejoong’s photoshoot, which drew the eyes of many by showcasing his signature mystique and sex appeal.

In the photo, Kim Jaejoong is wearing a turtleneck and partially covering his face with it. His sharp gaze contrasts with his naturally mussed hair to create a mystical air around him.

In the interview that came with the photoshoot, Kim Jaejoong expressed his love for his fans as he said, “There are times when even I don’t like myself, but I know that the only people who fully accept me for who I am are my fans. Receiving that love has created an absolute trust between us. I never want to sacrifice myself for someone else, but if I ever had to, they (the fans) would be the only ones I’d do it for.”

Kim Jaejoong’s photoshoot and interview can be found in the February issue of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’.

Source: [StyleM]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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