[TRANS] 140716 Max Changmin’s Reps Say, “Appearing On ‘Taste Of Love, Taste Of Coffee’? We’ve Never Even Received An Offer”


Representatives of TVXQ’s Max Changmin recently made a clarification about a rumored drama offer.

On the 16th, a representative of SM Entertainment opened up about rumors that Max Changmin would be appearing in KBS2’s Friday drama ‘Taste of Love, Taste of Coffee (temporary name)’ and said, “We’ve never even received an offer for a role.”

On the 15th, it was reported that Max Changmin was currently in the final stages of securing his position as the leading role of ‘Taste of Love, Taste of Coffee’.

‘Taste of Love, Taste of Coffee’ is the story of a playboy top star who dies earlier than expected because of the mistake of the Grim Reaper, only to be brought back to life after the mistake is discovered. It was rumored that ‘Taste of Love, Taste of Coffee’ would follow ‘High School: Love On’, but it was recently found that the drama may be scrapped altogether.

Source: [tenasia]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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