[TRANS] 140527 Tohoshinki Showed Their All! From Their Sturdiness, To Their Charms And Manly Appeal… Spellbounding And Intoxicating 4 Days In Tokyo Dome

Tohoshinki, who are currently in the midst of their “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~TREE~”, the tour with the most concerts they have had thus far, held their Tokyo Dome concerts over 4 days from 20 to 25 May. The dome concerts this time are almost the halfway mark of the tour, which began on 22 April at the Yokohama Arena, and consists of 29 concerts at 11 locations across Japan. There were initially only 3 (Tokyo) dome concerts announced, but an additional day was added after much request from the fans, making it a 4-day event in which over 220,000 audiences were wowed.

The performances in the tour this time are focused on the songs from their latest album “Tree”, which was released in March 2014. The audience was overwhelmed by Tohoshinki getting fired up in fierce dance numbers that resemble aggressive fights rather than dances, with them baring their fangs, and charmed by their manly appeal which was unmasked through polished stylish performances. Be it energetic and encouraging songs, or charming pop numbers, the venue was filled with smiles. The audience was also serenaded by grand ballads and sweet love songs. There were also nostalgic songs for those who had been fans for many years, and the variety in the staging kept the fully-packed venue entertained.

In addition, they also performed their new single “Sweat”, which will be released on 11 June, in advance for the audience. The song’s music video, which was filmed in a resort and club in Okinawa, was a topic of discussion. It is a Summer tune which combines the the genres of swing jazz and funk. “Ocean”, which was released last year, is a refreshing up-tempo track that is suitable for the sunny Summer day, while “Sweat” is a sensual track, that is reminiscent of the passion and mood that overwhelms on sweaty tropical nights. As the performance, which was done with a full live band, differs from the CD version, those who experienced the live version would be looking forward to getting their hands on the single, while those who hear it first through the CD would probably also be able to look forward to an atmosphere that is different from that of the live performance.

Last year, Tohoshinki held the 5-dome tour that they had long awaited, as well as their first stadium concert, and amazed the audience with their jam-packed stages which can be described as a spectacle. Thus, in the tour this time, their approach has changed, and they planned for an arena tour in which they could be able to interact with and become one with the audience. In fact, they waved at and called out to the audience more in the tour this time, and the stream which was screened on the screens beside the stage also featured more camera angles. It was a stage that (allowed the audience) to see even the funny facial expressions and actions of the duo, and the personal element came across much more strongly.

The finale of the tour will be on 22 June at the Kyocera Dome Osaka. Tohoshinki’s “Tree of Life” is growing bigger as time passes. What will it look like at the end? What kind of stories will be written? We look forward to witnessing its growth.

■ Information about release
2014/6/11 Tohoshinki Double-A Side Single 「Sweat / Answer」

AVCD-79197/B ¥1,944(tax inclusive)
Sweat -Less Vocal-
Answer -Less Vocal-
Sweat ?Video Clip-
Off Shot Movie(MV) ※First press version only

<First Press Limited Exclusives>
・Jacket-sized card (1 of 6 types randomly included)
・Contains DVD Off Shot Movie (MV)

AVCK-79198 ¥1,080 (tax inclusive)
Sweat Remix
Sweat -Less Vocal-
Answer -Less Vocal-
<CD-EXTRA Contents>
Jacket making clip

<First Press Limited Exclusives>
・Jacket-sized card (1 of 6 types randomly included)
・Includes a 12-page booklet

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Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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