[TRANS]140526 JYJ Yoochun Participates In The Narration For “Human Documentary – Love”

JYJ’s Yoochun will be taking part in the narration for part 4 of MBC’s “Human Documentary Love – Boyish Siamese Twins”.

Yoochun, who has recently been working on the final stages of the movie “Sea Fog”, as well as preparing for his Asia fanmeet tour, completed his recording as a narrator with a particularly heartwarming voice on 25 May.

Yoochun, who carried out the narration with a fatherly gaze, let out a fatherly smile as he watched the conjoined twins who were always so bright and positive. However, his heart hurt when watching the twins girls, who must bear the fate of having to be together all the time since their heads are joint, as well as the inconvenience they suffer even when going to the toilet.

Yoochun said, “The twin girls are much more bubbly than I expected, and they’re really cute. These children skip around between school and home, they learn to read and write, and even argue with their younger brother. It made me realise that they’re just like any other children. It was really great to see that the twins have a family who loves them, and with a forward-looking and positive attitude.” He also added, “I hope that through watching the documentary, the viewers will also have a chance to be reminded that the things that we see as ordinary and sometimes take for granted, are in fact very important things.”

The “Boyish Siamese Twins” episode will be delayed due to the broadcast of the candidate debate for the Seoul mayor elections, and will be broadcast at 11.15pm KST on 2 June instead.

Source: [mydaily via kstyle]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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