[TRANS] 140205 Every Coach Of ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’ Chooses Max Changmin As The Star They Feel The Most Affection For


Some of the most important presences in KBS2’s ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ are the coaches who whipped all the members of the celebrity teams into shape. From bowling’s Park Kyung Shin to badminton’s Lee Eun Woo and basketball’s Choi In Seon, who holds a score of 5 wins in 7 matches. We asked each coach which member of the show’s celebrity team they felt the most affection for during their time on the show. As if they were answering a quiz, they all said, “Max Changmin.”

In an interview last July, Coach Park Kyung Shin chose Max Changmin as the member who improved the most. Coach Park said, “Max Changmin did everything I told him really well. Because he was less athletic than the other members, he worked the hardest and put in the most effort. He hoped for a win more than anyone else on the show.”

In an interview last September, Coach Lee Eun Woo praised Max Changmin for his passion. Coach Lee stated, “Max Changmin shed tears after losing a match because he put that much hard work and effort into the sport,” and “Max Changmin and badminton go well together. If he had had enough time to buckle down and build a strong foundation of the basics, he would have done much better.” Coach Lee also expressed that she would like to keep coaching Max Changmin if given the opportunity.

Coach Choi In Seon, the latest coach in the show’s lineup, stated, “Max Changmin is the one I find myself going back to.” Coach Choi praised the singer and said, “I have no idea how he dances with such a skinny body,” and “Max Changmin’s popularity in Japan is unbelievable. I felt really proud to see such a popular guy working so hard.” He continued to add, “It was great to see him putting so much sincerity and effort into each practice session. Despite his lack of skills, he stayed calm and did his job to fulfill the role he was given.”

Max Changmin, who was there when the show first began, said goodbye to the show and its staff on the 4th of February. Over 10 months, Max Changmin participated in a variety of sports categories. We hope people remember him as a member of ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ for a long time.

Meanwhile, ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’ will now move on to Taekwondo, with John Park, Julian Kang, Seo Ji Seok and Kim Yeon Woo joining Kang ho Dong as new MCs.

Source: [tvreport]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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