[TRANS] 140203 Teen Guilty Of Making 89 Malicious Posts About JYJ’s Park Yoochun Is Placed Under ‘Protective Disposition’

A teen who posted malicious posts about JYJ’s Park Yoochun (28) has been placed under protective disposition as their case has gone to court.

It was revealed on the 2nd that Judge Jang Sung Kwan of the Seoul District Courts has sent Ms K’s case to the Seoul Family Courts’ juvenile court for posting false rumors online to spread malicious rumors against Mr. Park.

Ms K began logging on to DC Inside’s ‘MBC Drama Gallery’ under the name ‘HOLIK’ from May of 2012 and began posting malicious rumors like “Park Yoochun moved to the US to be treated for his autism,” and “Park Yoochun physically assaulted Super Junior’s Kangin and gave him injuries that took six  weeks to heal.” Ms K expected many responses for her posts as Park Yoochun had appeared in a MBC drama around that time. However, Park Yoochun has neither had autism nor moved to the US to treat such an illness. Ms K made 89 posts across nine months and her case was recently sent to court last December.

The courts stated, “Though an agreement was not met with the plaintiff, the defendant has been receiving treatment for depression and obsessive compulsive neurosis, and there is a chance that her conduct will be reformed as she is still a teenager. The defendant has been placed under protective disposition in need of protection and education.”

The courts have found Ms K guilty and in need of a ‘Level 7 disposition’, which provides medical care to teens under the age of 19 who have committed a crime.

Source: [hani news]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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