[TRANS] 140126 1,000 Japanese Fans Fly To Korea For Park Yoochun’s New Year Fanmeet


1,000 Japanese fans flew to Korea to celebrate the new year with singer and actor Park Yoochun.

On the 25th, Park Yoochun held a fanmeet at the K Seoul Hotel in Yangjae-dong. 1,000 Japanese fans visited Korea to spend a special New Year’s celebration with the star.

Opening the event with a rendition of Kim Dong Ryool’s ‘An Old Song’, Park Yoochun was greeted with explosive applause and cheer from his fans. Park Yoochun held a cake-cutting ceremony to commemorate Park Yoochun’s first fanmeet of 2014, as well as his 10th anniversary. When his fans shouted, “We’ve waited so long,” he gave the reply, “I missed you too.”

When the fanmeet’s talk segment began, Park Yoochun looked back on the last 10 years and announced his New Year’s resolutions as he said, “Meeting you has made me a positive and confident person.” He drew a horse to give as a gift to a lucky fan to commemorate the year of the horse, and other fans flocked around the picture once it was given to the lucky recipient.

During the game segment, Park Yoochun introduced how to play the game of yut, which is a traditional Korean game. Through ‘missions’ written on every space on the game board, Park Yoochun played a variety of small games with his fans to get the atmosphere pumping. Through a treasure hunt, he picked a handful of winners to receive Polaroid photos and one of his favorite perfumes, making the night an unforgettable moment for a lucky few.

Last of all, Park Yoochun performed ‘Walking In Spring With Her’, a composition he first performed in Tokyo Dome last April, and took a group shot with all the fans.

A representative of the fanmeet stated, “The response from his fans was explosive. It’s rare to see 1,000 people fly to Korea just for a fanmeet,” and “This fanmeet was created because Park Yoochun is unable to fly to Japan because of his drama and movie filming schedule.”

Park Yoochun stated, “I had so much fun because this was my first fanmeet in a while, and I gained a lot of energy from my fans. I really want to perform with my fellow JYJ members in Japan this year.”

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun is currently filming ‘Sea Fog’ and will begin filming for the SBS drama ‘Three Days’ in February.

Source: [asiatoday]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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