[TRANS] 140115 Kim Junsu Takes A Photo With Juwon And Ivy… “I Fell For The Ardent Love Depicted In ‘Ghost'”


Kim Junsu recently took a photo with Juwon and Ivy.

On the 15th, Kim Junsu wrote a tweet on his personal Twitter account that read, “The musical Ghost.. I was captivated by Juwon and Ivy’s singing and acting, and I fell for the ardent love depicted in the musical. And Choi Jung Won. I got to see first-hand why she is called the greatest musical actress of Korea. I lo.. lo… ve… respect you.”

Shinshi Company, the production company of the musical, posted a photo on its official Twitter account on the 16th with the caption, “We saw a friendly face at the theater yesterday. Musical actor Kim Junsu! He wrote on his personal Twitter account that he was captivated by Sam and Molly. It was great to see you~ We lo.. love.. thank you.”

The photo shows Kim Junsu posing for the camera with Juwon, Ivy, Choi Jung Won and Lee Chang Hee, the cast of the musical ‘Ghost’. Kim Junsu is seen wearing an all-black outfit with sunglasses to complete the look. They all look happy, flashing smiles at the camera.

‘Ghost’ is based on the movie that was released in 1990 with the same title, and depicts the true and eternal love between two people. The musical features a cast of Juwon, Kim Woo Hyung, Kim Jun Hyun, Ivy, Park Jiyeon, Choi Jung Won and Jung Young Joo, and will be performed at the D.Cube Art Center till the 29th of June.

Source: [tvdaily]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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