[TRANS] 140114 Max Changmin’s Interview 1 “I’m Happy To Be Focusing More On Having Fun Than Looking Good”

Max Changmin revealed that he is especially fond of TVXQ’s latest album.

Since TVXQ released their 7th album ‘Tense’ on the 6th, they have been busy promoting their title track ‘Something’. Meeting with Max Changmin in a waiting room for a music program recently, he looked happy as he said, “I’m enjoying actively promoting a song for the first time in a while.”

Max Changmin said, “For our latest album, everything went so well without a single bump, even from the earliest preparation processes. That’s why, regardless of whether we come in at first place or not, we’re feeling really satisfied with our work. We’re all having fun and feeling great.”


‘Something’ is a completely different from TVXQ’s previous songs like ‘Keep Your Head Down’ and ‘Catch Me’. Max Changmin expressed his satisfaction for the transformation as he said, “It’s a song I really like personally. I love the fact that we can relax and focus more on having fun this time around.”

The line performance the group dances on stage is an extremely difficult piece of choreography that requires the use of ropes. From pretending to pluck guitar strings to making a boxing ring, creating standing microphones and dancing like a marionette on strings, TVXQ have to showcase perfect synchronization with their dancers so that none of the ropes get tangled.

Max Changmin began by saying, “Our dancers have it harder than we do.” He continued to say, “The broadcasts don’t really show just how much work our dancers put into the choreography with the ropes. We have to color coordinate the ropes with tape to make sure that they get the timing right for each move.”

Looking at the ropes stacked up near the door, we could easily see pieces of colored tape on each rope. Max Changmin highlighted the effort TVXQ’s dancers put into their performances as he said, “There are dancers who only focus on holding ropes and don’t dance at all. We have so many things to worry about on top of the choreography,” and “The ropes are marked with red, blue or green pieces of tape. The dancers have to remember when they have to hold which piece of rope to make the dance work, so they have it pretty rough.”

The choreography for ‘Something’ was taken on by Tony Testa, who also worked on ‘Catch Me’ from TVXQ’s last album. Looking back on his rehearsals, Max Changmin confessed that he had a tough time because of the complicated choreography as he said, “The idea is great, but there were times when I hated Tony while we were rehearsing. I’m so happy that it worked out well.”

When we commented that it worked out well because TVXQ are capable of pulling off anything, no matter how difficult the choreography is, Max Changmin gave a reply of, “Tony Testa is always trying to do something new, whether he’s working with us or SHINee.”


The singer’s sly facial expressions in TVXQ’s music video, while he was surrounded by beautiful models, has become a hot topic. Having acted out scenes that involved a lot of physical contact with a handful of models, Max Changmin jokingly said, “When I was surrounded by women, I thought to myself that I could die right there and I’d be happy.”

This is the first time that TVXQ are performing on stage with female dancers during promotional activities other than concerts. Regarding this, Max Changmin said, “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I wanted us to express the sly nature of regular guys our age, instead of always focusing on looking cool and powerful.”

He continued to express that the results aren’t as important as the process as he said, “I’m so happy to be able to sing such a song. It’s a song that has a purpose of being fun to listen to, rather than of making us look good. It’s what we’ve always wanted to do, so it doesn’t really matter to us whether we win any awards or sell a lot of albums.”

We asked him which song he likes the most in TVXQ’s latest album. When we asked if it was ‘Rise…’, which he wrote the lyrics for, Max Changmin said, “It’s a song I liked from the moment I listened to the guide. I wrote the lyrics with the Batman movies in mind.”

He continued to state that he liked the song ‘Moonlight Fantasy’ and said, “It’s true that people tend to favor the song they sound best in. I especially like ‘Moonlight Fantasy’, ‘Rise…’ and ‘Off-road’. Personally, I listen to this album the most out of all the albums we’ve released. It’s not that I’m being narcissistic, I just feel really satisfied with this album.”

Source: [newsen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

One thought on “[TRANS] 140114 Max Changmin’s Interview 1 “I’m Happy To Be Focusing More On Having Fun Than Looking Good”

  1. and i love your honest comments and the fact that you find work fun and enjoyable even though much is required of you and yunho! you loving what you do helps us love it more too!

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