[TRANS] 140113 TVXQ Top The Korean And Taiwanese Album Charts With Their 7th Album ‘TENSE’


TVXQ’s 7th album ‘TENSE’ has topped weekly album charts in both Korea and Taiwan.

Released on the 6th of January, TVXQ’s new album ‘TENSE’ has dominated various Korean album weekly sales charts on sites like Hanteo, Hottracks and Synnara Records (January 6th~12th). The album also topped FIVE MUSIC’s weekly charts for Korean and Japanese music in Taiwan.

The album is not only doing well domestically, but it has also been praised by Billboard.com as ‘an album that will satisfy R&B fans of singers like Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars’ in a lengthy review. The title track ‘Something’ was introduced as ‘a track that successfully combines the sounds of the past and the present.”

TVXQ have been showcasing a complicated line performance in their renditions of ‘Something’, which uses ropes and microphones in its choreography for the first time ever in Korea. TVXQ’s rhythmical dancing and chemistry with their backup dancers makes ‘Something’ look like a scene from a musical.

Source: [tenasia]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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