[TRANS] 140112 TVXQ Hit The Jackpot: The Evolution Of SMP


“Hitting the jackpot”

TVXQ have returned. Having recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, the duo has come back with a new song called ‘Something’. Since being released early on this year, the song has been met with a positive response on various digital music sites.

But the genre they’ve chosen is quite special. A swing jazz piece that has an energetic rhythm. It’s a genre that TVXQ, veterans in the industry, are trying for the first time ever.

TVXQ were usually known as the representatives of SMP (SM Music Performance). Most SMP songs are written by SM Entertainment’s composer Yoo Young Jin, and combines music with powerful choreography. With a slightly dark and heavy feel, the songs feature a strong electronic sound. Examples of this genre of music are TVXQ’s ‘Keep Your Head Down’ and ‘Catch Me’.

SMP has an indescribable charm that draws people in. The lyrics that criticize social conventions and the strong sound of the music keeps people tuning in. There’s a reason why TVXQ were able to attract some of the most loyal fans in existence.

But TVXQ have made a 180 degree change. They smile on stage and even wink at the camera. A sense of ease and relaxation can be felt from them. If they were strong warriors in ‘Keep Your Head Down’ and ‘Catch Me’, they’re more like the friendly guy-next-door in ‘Something’. They have striven for perfection in everything till now, but seeing TVXQ show small chinks in their armor gives the impression that they’re thoroughly enjoying themselves on stage. They seem to have hit the jackpot that brings a sense of ease to their need for perfection.

The electronic sound has disappeared as well. It seems to reflect their determination to win with nothing but their voices.

U-Know Yunho’s vocal talent shines through in this song. His soft voice goes well with such a lively song.

To the public, U-Know Yunho has always been known for his dancing. The majority of people see Max Changmin as the member who sings and U-Know Yunho as the member who dances and raps. But these perceptions change the moment one attends TVXQ’s live concerts. ‘Something’ has helped prove that U-Know Yunho is a vocalist who can easily stand his ground.

The song, which mixes the members’ voices with a big band sound, reflects TVXQ’s charm that could only be felt at live concerts in the past. Last year, TVXQ held a nationwide tour in Japan that attracted 850,000 audience members to 18 concerts. This experience became the foundation for TVXQ’s new path.

But SMP’s strengths have been preserved in TVXQ’s latest title track. And these strengths can be found in the creative dance sequences. ‘Something’ features a line performance that uses ropes to create various scenarios, such as playing a guitar, fighting in a boxing ring, and pretending to be a marionette. World-renowned choreography Tony Testa, who worked with TVXQ on their last title track ‘Catch Me’, teamed up with the duo once more to create such inspiring dance moves.

The unique characteristics of SMP dance performances and TVXQ’s new sense of ease reflects the evolution of SMP. This change will probably be reflected in other groups, especially EXO, as they are the group that also performs a great number of SMP songs.

Source: [news tomato]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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