[TRANS] 140112 Kim Jaejoong In Gwangju, Wittily Expresses His Sentiments With A Gwangju Dialect To The Delight Of His Fans


Kim Jaejoong has ended the second leg of his nationwide tour, which took him to Gwangju, in success.

Kim Jaejoong held his ‘2014 Kim Jaejoong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert in Gwangju’ concert at the Gwangju Yeomju Indoor Gymnasium on the 11th.

As the second leg of his nationwide tour, following his concert in Busan, this is the first time that Kim Jaejoong is performing in Gwangju as a solo artiste, and his fans did not hold back in expressing their excitement for his visit. It was later said that the venue was filled with passionate cheers for the entirety of the performance.

Kim Jaejoong kicked off with ‘9+1#’ and ‘Butterfly’. He amazed fans with his emotional but powerful rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’.

He jumped back and forth between energetic rock songs and ballads such as ‘Don’t Walk Away’, ‘Light’ and ‘Make Up’, captivating his fans with his talent and charm.

His fans seemed to match his enthusiasm on stage. Fans who dressed up to match the dress code set by Kim Jaejoong before the concert had everyone at the venue laughing.

Fans prepared a banner that said “I’m able to breathe because you’re here,” in the Gwangju dialect, and Kim Jaejoong expressed his gratitude by replying with, “Gwangju is amazing! You guys really know how to have fun,” in the same dialect.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will continue his nationwide tour at Korea University’s Hwajung Gymnasium on the 25th and 26th of January.

Source: [enews24]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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