[TRANS] 140106 [Star Cast] TVXQ’s ‘Something’ In The Waiting Room… “Something No One Probably Knows About, Eh?”


Hello, this is TVXQ.

Did you enjoy your New Year’s celebrations, and our comeback performances? From the 3rd till the 5th, we toured the major broadcasting companies’ music shows. Our title track ‘Something’ is TVXQ’s first swing song. ‘Ten’ is the song that was created to commemorate our 10th anniversary.

It’s been exactly one year and four months. Our hearts still race whenever we return to the stage of music shows. We were so nervous, because we had put so much care and attention into our performances. We’re sure that our fans felt the same way, right?

So this is what we’ve prepared. For those of you who still need something more to complete our comeback, we’ve decided to reveal some photos from our waiting rooms. A new side of TVXQ that no one’s everseen before. Wait a minute. Yunho and Changmin will be introducing the photos now~

▶January 3rd KBS-2TV ‘Music Bank’


The first one up to bat is me, Changmin. This is the waiting room of ‘Music Bank’. I saw reporters from ‘Dispatch’ on our way here. The first thing I did as soon as I reached the broadcasting company was…. To stick pins in my hair. A guy with pins in his hair. Interesting sight to see, isn’t it? Why am I putting pins in my hair?


Ta~da. It was for this hairstyle. ‘Something’ has a swing feel to it, and I’ve prepared a hairstyle that fits the genre. Can you see each and every wave, so lovingly curled? The pins have added more volume to my hair as an added bonus.


Yunho is also getting his hairstyle checked over. Our stylist is carefully setting his hair in place. Unlike me, Yunho has combed all his hair over to one side. It must be because of the hair, but his sharp jaw line is alive. It’s alive!


This was right before we started our rehearsal. Yunho is chugging a bottle of water before we get on stage. I thought I was the only nervous one, but I guess he was pretty nervous as well. But doesn’t this picture of him drinking water look like something from a photo spread? Or is that just me? Yes. Just call me a ‘babo’ (A fool for Yunho).


We’re monitoring our performance right after our rehearsal. Because the choreography for ‘Something’ and ‘TEN’ use a lot of props, we have to be extra attentive. Yunho and I checked over our rehearsal with the eyes of an eagle. Fortunately, our rehearsal ended without any hitches~ As expected, we were born to perform.


Till now, this has been a behind-the-scenes look of our ‘Music Bank’ performance. Did you enjoy it? To be honest, both our bodies and minds were so busy because it was our first comeback performance. So we don’t have that many photos. We’ll leave just one more photo here.

January 4th MBC-TV ‘Show! Music Core’


Hello. This is Yunho, taking the baton from Changmin. I’m going to be introducing the photos from our ‘Music Core’ waiting room. Because this was our second performance, we were more relaxed than we were on the first day. But we kept practicing, and practicing, and practicing in front of the mirror. Because TVXQ always have to be perfect.


We must have practiced too much before getting on stage. Changmin and I were sitting on the sofa and talking when we fell asleep. A staff member must have taken this photo~. It was a short but sweet nap. But Changmin’s expression is so real here. Sorry about that, Changmin.


Naps always seem to help. We began to walk towards the stage. Staff members reached out to us to show their support. We could hear shouts of ‘Good luck TVXQ!’ and ‘TVXQ are awesome’ from here and there. Their shouts of support gave us strength.


We were able to complete our ‘Music Core’ comeback in success. I called Changmin over after our ‘TEN’ performance to take this photo. It was a performance with no mistakes, and our fans’ cheers were amazing. So much that my heart was still racing after returning to our waiting room. Can you feel our happiness from our expressions?


Our next stage will be ‘Something’. Changmin’s changed into a black suit. Seeing this picture makes me realize that Changmin’s all grown up now. He’s also been a young kid in my eyes, but he’s become such a manly figure. What do you guys think?

▶January 5th SBS-TV ‘Inkigayo’


It’s Changmin again. These are photos from ‘Inkigayo’, our last comeback stage. We had some special visitors in our waiting room, ‘EXO’. They are also our juniors under the same label. They have warm personalities to match their good-looking faces.


Luhan and Xiumin have transformed into members of our fanclub ‘Cassiopeia’. Don’t they look so cute holding red balloons? They waved the balloons with such energy. Seeing them do that gave us such strength. Thank you, ‘EXO’~


Here’s a photo of me with Suho, the leader of ‘EXO’. Is this what people call a ‘rare jewel’? He silently approached me before our ‘Something’ performance to express his support. We made small conversation to pass the time. As always, gossip is the best way to alleviate nerves, ‘It’s the best~’ (Kim Gura ver).


Meanwhile, Yunho was busy talking to Chen. I hear that he’s the ‘Beagle’ member of ‘EXO’? But that wasn’t the case on this day. He looked quite shy, standing next to Yunho. He had a look of childlike joy on his face when Yunho patted him on the back.

With the support of ‘EXO’ propelling us, shall we take a look into our ‘Something’ performance? We’ll continue to do our best to perfect our performances. We will always work hard, and become an upgraded version of our former selves every time we get on the stage. Please give us your support~

141429783_18“She got that something”

141429936_19“I feel everyone’s gaze locked on me wherever I go”

141430086_20“Even if it makes me uncomfortable, what can I do? It’s always been this way”

141430220_21“TVXQ, amazing as always”

Post = TVXQ
Organization = Reporter Kim Suji (Dispatch)
Photos = SM Entertainment

Source: [Naver Star Cast]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

2 thoughts on “[TRANS] 140106 [Star Cast] TVXQ’s ‘Something’ In The Waiting Room… “Something No One Probably Knows About, Eh?”

  1. very nice article! love seeing bts pictures. changmin indeed is looking very much grown up and matured. yunho could still pass for a teenager almost with his boyish handsome face

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