[TRANS] 131222 News Roundup

[TRANS] 131222 Park Yoochun Takes The Baton From Lee Minho And Kim Soohyun To Continue The SBS Wednesday-Thursday Success Streak


With his appearance in ‘Three Days’ confirmed, sing and actor Park Yoochun will be continuing the golden acting legacy.

Park Yoochun is set to appear in SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Three Days’. Though there were a few issues between the broadcasting company and production company, the issues were ironed out and Park Yoochun has once again been confirmed to appear as the leading role of ‘Three Days’.

SBS stated, “We will begin filming for the drama, starting with Sohn Hyun Joo’s parts in late December. We have had to work with Park Yoochun’s agency to make his schedule work as he is currently filming ‘Sea Fog’, and he will be joining the team in mid-January next year.”

Park Yoochun will be continuing the golden legacy of SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday dramas. Kicking off with Jo In Sung in ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ in February, SBS has been easily beating its competition with actors and dramas like Lee Jong Seok in ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’, Lee Minho in ‘Heirs’ and Kim Soohyun in ‘Man from the Stars’.

Park Yoochun has been chosen as the man to continue this golden legacy for SBS. He has already made his mark as a talented actor through his roles in ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘I Miss You’. He was recently chosen to appear in director Bong Joon Ho’s ‘Sea Fog’, standing alongside talented veterans of the industry.

One broadcasting company representative stated, “Park Yoochun is one of the few actors in the industry to can sell his dramas for 200,000 dollars per episode in Japan. His acting skills have skyrocketed recently, making him the greatest blue chip in the industry.”

Park Yoochun and screenwriter Kim Eun Hui’s collaboration has garnered a great deal of attention. Kim Eun Hui has made her mark through dramas like ‘Sign’ and ‘Ghost’, working alongside actors such as Park Shin Yang and So Ji Seob. Because of this, many representatives in the industry are expecting Park Yoochun to grow and move one step further to become an amazing actor.

The production company stated, “We’ve completed all preparations, including casting, location hunting, set production and martial arts training. We plan to begin filming soon, early next week at the latest. The entire process will take six months.”

‘Three Days’ is a production that depicts the disappearance of the president with the sound of three gunshots. Sohn Hyun Joo will be playing the role of the president, while Park Yoochun will be playing an elite bodyguard. The first episode will air in February.

Source: [sports hankook]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


[TRANS] 131222 ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’ Max Changmin, The Success Story Of A Top Star Taking On Variety Shows For The First Time In 10 Years


Max Changmin has become quite successful as an entertainer in the variety sector.

TVXQ’s Max Changmin was awarded the Best Entertainer Award in the variety show category at the KBS Entertainment Awards on the 21st of December. He was able to win an award the same year he began appearing regularly in variety shows.

Max Changmin’s new challenge was an odd sight for the public. Though his quick wit and charm are well-known amongst fans, the general public had always seen him as the quiet and reserved youngest member of his team. 10 years into his career as a singer, Max Changmin finally decided to show the public a side they’d never seen before.

The spotlight was on him from the start with talk show ‘Moonlight Prince’. Though many had expected him to hold back as this was his first variety show appearance, he was unafraid to make R-rated comments and act so differently from what was expected from his good looks. He held his position against veteran entertainers as a main MC, as was able to successfully make his mark in the industry.

In the sports variety show ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’, Max Changmin’s hard work is making him shine. Despite his packed schedule that had him flying back and forth between Korea and Japan constantly, he never stopped attending practice sessions and working out. Seeing Max Changmin honing his badminton skills with a concert, which would be in front of 72,000 screaming fans, looming in front of him was a scene that proved just how much affection the star had for the show.

On ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’, Max Changmin shed tears, something that hadn’t been seen that often in the ten years of his singing career, hid how much pain he was in when he was injured, and wholeheartedly cheered his teammates on. Max Changmin’s efforts to become an entertainer drew the attention of many as the top star took on yet another challenge that took him out of his comfort zone. His hardworking attitude has touched the hearts of many, and resulted in an award for the star.

Meanwhile, Max Changmin will be holding TVXQ’s ‘Time Slip’ concert on the 26th and 27th of December at the Ilsan KINTEX.

Source: [newsen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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