[TRANS] 131202 News Roundup

[TRANS] 131202 ‘Reply 1994’ Sohn Ho Joon Says, “I Asked My Friend U-Know Yunho To Make A Cameo Appearance But…”

Before he appeared on ‘Reply 1994’, Sohn Ho Joon carried the title of ‘U-Know Yunho’s close friend’ wherever he went. As the person who stayed by his side before his acting debut when things were tough, U-Know Yunho is a one-of-a-kind presence in Sohn Ho Joon’s life.

“The friend who always made time to see me, even when he had a packed schedule, was U-Know Yunho.”

In tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Reply 1994’, Sohn Ho Joon plays the role of Hae Tae, from the Jeolla Province. He’s a loyal friend who will do anything for his friends. This is the characteristic Sohn Ho Joon believes both he and Hae Tae share the most.

Sohn Ho Joon stated, “Hae Tae and I are both similar in that we love our friends. Most of the people I’m closest with have all come up to Seoul. We like to chat, so we frequent cafes a lot. We do quite a few active things as well.”

U-Know Yunho is someone Sohn Ho Joon can’t live without. As soon as his name popped up in the conversation, Sohn Ho Joon said, “U-Know Yunho is the best,” without a moment of hesitation. He explained, “During the ten or more years that were so rough on me, Yunho was a great source of strength.”

Both U-Know Yunho and Sohn Ho Joon are from the same hometown of Gwangju. And with Sohn Ho Joon playing the role of a youth who comes from the Jeolla Province in ‘Reply 1994’, one begins to wonder if U-Know Yunho will be making a cameo appearance any time soon. Famous celebrities like Hong Seok Chun, Kim Min Jong, Lee Gyung Shil and PD Na Yeong Seok have already left their marks on the show.

Sohn Ho Joon stated, “I’ve asked Yunho a couple of times if he could make a cameo appearance,” and, “Yunho sounded sad as he said, ‘I really want to.’ I think he has a super busy schedule. I shared his sorrowed sentiments when he told me that he really wants to, but it would probably be difficult because he has so many things he has to do.”

Instead, they made a pact. Sohn Ho Joon smiled as he said, “I asked Yunho if he’d be willing to appear in my movie if I was ever offered the leading role in a film, and he said he would.”

When we jokingly asked him if he had recorded that promise, Sohn Ho Joon confidently said, “Yunho is someone who always keeps his promises. In the twelve years that I’ve known him, he’s never broken a single promise. I am certain that he will keep his word.” The care and affection he feels for U-Know Yunho could be felt in his sincere expression.

Meanwhile, ‘Reply 1994’ plays every Friday and Saturday on tvN.

Source: [newsen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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