[TRANS] 131122 TVXQ To Release A 10th Anniversary Album, “To Keep Our Promise With Our Fans”


‘Hallyu icons’ TVXQ will be keeping their promise with their fans. To commemorate their 10th anniversary (December 26th), they will be releasing a special album.

A representative who was present during the process of creating the new album stated, “The members are currently in the final stages of recording tracks for the album. There will be about 10 songs in the new album, and it will be a special album that is close to a new full-length album.”

The release of TVXQ’s commemorative album is to repay their fans for their endless support and love. The singers had promised their fans that they would be preparing a special event for their 10th anniversary during the concert they held at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan in August.

During the concert, U-Know Yunho stated, “December will mark our 10th anniversary. We’ve been thinking of ideas for what to do. Right now, it’s difficult to reveal any specifics, but we will definitely be preparing something for our fans, whether it’s an event or a concert.” Befitting of an album to commemorate the group’s domination across Asia for the past ten years, the group has been putting all their effort into every step of the process, from choosing the songs to recording the tracks.

The representative stated, “The representative composers of SM Entertainment, who work best with TVXQ, have come together for the album. Around twenty songs are being recorded, and we believe that the tracks will be split and released through two separate albums. The first album will be released no later than late-January.”

As well as releasing a new album, TVXQ will be participating in their agency’s music festival and spending their 10th anniversary with their fans. ‘SMTOWN WEEK’ will be held from the 21st of December till the 29th at the Ilsan KINTEX. TVXQ will be joined by five other SM teams, including Super Junior and Girls’ Generation. TVXQ are said to be preparing a special concert to commemorate their 10th anniversary as they will be performing on the 26th and 27th of December.


For the past 10 years, TVXQ have solidified their spot as the greatest Hallyu group of Korea. They first made themselves known on SBS’ ‘BoA and Britney Special’ end-of-the-year special program on the 26th of December, 2003. The group released their first single ‘HUG’ in 2004 and since then, have had a countless number of hit songs, including ‘MIROTIC’, ‘Balloons’, ‘Catch Me’, ‘Rising Sun’, ‘Why? Keep Your Head Down’, ‘O-Jung Ban Hap’ and ‘The Way U Are’.

TVXQ’s legendary run in the Japanese music market began in 2005. At that time, there were no Korean singers in the market other than BoA, and it was considered next to impossible to succeed there. But the group was able to capture the hearts of their Japanese fans in an instant and became the foundation for K-POP acts that followed them. Having topped the Oricon singles charts twelve times, TVXQ have broken the record for the most chart-topping singles for a foreign artiste or group. With album sales totaling three million copies, they are the best-selling foreign act in Japan.

This year, the group rewrote history when they gathered 144,000 fans at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan. Ticket sales alone brought in an astronomical amount of 16 billion Won for the group. When asked how he felt about TVXQ reaching their 10th anniversary, U-Know Yunho stated, “We’re working hard to show our fans a new side of TVXQ. When I was younger, I’d see my seniors celebrating their 10th anniversaries and thinking they were amazing to have come so far, but now I find myself celebrating my own 10th anniversary. We’ll work hard to become artistes with great depth rather than big stars.” Max Changmin also added, “We’ll try to become singers who are able to over come the barriers formed by nationality and language.”

Source: [joongang]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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