[TRANS] 131108 Kim Jaejoong Receives A Whopping 1.8 Million Messages During His 3-Hour Global Chatroom Event


Kim Jaejoong met with fans from all over the world during his global chatroom event.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “Kim Jaejoong met with fans from all over the world through his global chatroom event and conversed in a total of five languages, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish and English. He received a total of 1.8 million messages during the three-hour event, and over 200,000 Japanese users were logged on at the same time. Kim Jaejoong became the hottest topic on Weibo and the most popular celebrity on Twitter Japan after the event, proving yet again just how popular he is.”

They continued to add, “Kim Jaejoong not only texted his fans through an on-site translator, he also uploaded photos, videos and voice recordings to converse with his fans. He revealed a couple of behind-the-scenes stories of his music video to his Chinese fans, and talked about his recent activities and album to his Japanese fans. He captivated the hearts of his Japanese fans with an audio that was recorded in fluent Japanese. During the chatroom session with fans in Europe and South America, he introduced his album and then uploaded voice recordings of himself speaking in Turkish and Spanish.”

A representative stated, “Since he recently released his first full-length album, Kim Jaejoong created a new channel to communicate with his fans through his global chatroom event. He created a multi-layered fan service system of texts, photos, videos and audio recordings, and his efforts were met with a positive response from fans.”

Fans who participated in the event left comments such as, “Where did that hour go? It was crazy!” “From photos to videos and audio recordings!! Let’s chat every day!!” and “It felt like he was sitting right next to me and laughing with me. I want to go to his concert!”

Kim Jaejoong graced the cover of Elle Japan’s December issue and the magazine has topped Amazon’s magazine charts for fourteen days straight since the 25th of October. Kim Jaejoong will be flying to Japan next week to meet with 60,000 fans at the Yokohama Stadium.

Source: [sports chosun]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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