[TRANS] 131104 Screenwriter Kim Eun Hui’s New Project ‘Three Days’.. The Reason Why Park Yoochun Was Picked


Park Yoochun has been chosen to play the leading role in screenwriter Kim Eun Hui and PD Shin Kyung Soo’s ‘Three Days’.

‘Three Days’ is expected to air next February on SBS and is an investigative mystery drama that depicts various happenings that take place during three days at the President’s residence in the Blue House. It has already garnered a great deal of attention for being the Korean version of the popular US series ’24’.

Considering the fact that screenwriter Kim Eun Hui, who has written popular dramas such as ‘Sign’ and ‘Ghost’, and PD Shin Kyung Soo, who directed ‘Deep-rooted Tree’, have teamed up, the process of creating the cast has been extremely competitive.

The leading role of Han Tae Kyung has been given to Park Yoochun, who stated that his decision was greatly influenced by the strong storyline.

In ‘Three Days’, the President goes missing in his personal vacation home with nothing left but three bullets, and his security team hits the ground running in an attempt to find him. Park Yoochun will play the role of an elite bodyguard who doesn’t even miss the sound of the wind blowing.

Having made his debut in the acting industry with ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ in 2010, Park Yoochun has appeared in ‘Miss Ripley’, ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘I Miss You’, and has been recognized for his star quality and acting skills. Park Yoochun is ready to have his acting skills proved yet again with the upcoming production.

The production company of the drama has expressed its delight with having Park Yoochun on board. Markets in Japan, Asia and Europe are already showing their interest in Park Yoochun’s return to the industry, and overseas buyers are already calling in to make deals.

Park Yoochun has already gained immense popularity in Japan with ‘Rooftop Prince’ and in China with ‘I Miss You’, and has been chosen as the most influential Hallyu star in his twenties.

Source: [tvdaily]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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