[TRANS] 131026 Kim Jaejoong Participates In A Special Photo Spread For ‘Elle Japan’ Ahead Of His New Album

Ahead of the release of his first full-length album, Kim Jaejoong has participated in a special photo spread for the December issue of fashion magazine ‘Elle Japan’.

C-JeS Entertainment revealed, “Kim Jaejoong will be releasing his first full-length album [WWW] on the 29th. He will be participating in a photo spread with ‘Elle Japan’ to introduce his album and greet his Japanese fans.”

They continued to add, “When it was reported that Kim Jaejoong would be releasing an album, [WWW] won six crowning titles on the Japanese online shopping site ‘Rakuten’, and his pre-released track ‘Sunny Day’ became Kim Jaejoong’s fifth song to top the Japanese iTunes charts this year, proving just how popular the singer is in Japan.”

Kim Jaejoong’s latest photo spread will have the title ‘A special day with Jaejoong’ and will be a photo story showing Kim Jaejoong styling himself for a night out, and winding down before he goes to bed on the weekend. During the interview that took place after the photoshoot, Kim Jaejoong talked about creating his latest album, snippets of his daily life and events that took place with the other members of JYJ.


The editor of ‘Elle Japan’ stated, “Kim Jaejoong is ‘the star everyone wants to meet the most’ in Japan. This is because Kim Jaejoong is the person countless fans are curious about and want to see, and Kim Jaejoong is the singer who responds to his fans.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong will be releasing his first full-length album [WWW: Who, When, Why] on the 29th and will be holding the first leg of his Asia tour in Seoul on the 2nd and 3rd of November.

Source: [herald news]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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