[TRANS] 131025 JYJ Hold A Successful Road Show In Vietnam For The Incheon Asian Games

JYJ successfully held their first promotional road show in Hanoi, Vietnam and heightened the anticipation for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.




C-JeS Entertainment stated, “A PR road show and showcase was held on the 24th in Hanoi, Vietnam for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. JYJ’s first visit to Hanoi was met with a large group of reporters, and 3,400 fans packed the National Convention Center to cheer and dance along to JYJ’s Asian Games theme song ‘ONLY ONE’.”

The Asian Games Committee stated, “Hanoi is the city where the next Asian Games will be held in 2019. When it was announced that JYJ would be attending the Incheon Asian Games road show, local reporters began showing an explosive interest. The choreography of the theme song was publicized by Vietnamese fans in a flashmob, and this helped promote the road show as well. JYJ arrived at the local airport on the 23rd and despite the late hour, hundreds of fans were there to greet them.”


Kim Young Soo, who heads the committee, expressed his anticipation as he said, “We’re expecting 200,000 visitors during the Games. JYJ’s road shows are a big help to our promotional activities. The theme song was created with the catchphrase ‘Make Asia Dance’ in mind, and it’s easy to sing along to. JYJ will also be participating in the Guangzhou, China road show and doing promotional work there as well.”

During the press conference that was held before the PR road show on the 24th, JYJ did their best as honorary ambassadors and stated, “We want to help bring Asia together. The 2014 Incheon Asian Games will be a place where people of different ethnicities, cultures and languages come together as one.”


Meanwhile, JYJ are planning to focus on their individual activities for the rest of the year. Kim Jaejoong will be releasing his first full-length album on the 29th and embarking on an Asian tour, while Park Yoochun is participating in the movie ‘Sea Fog’. Kim Junsu will be greeting fans with the musical ‘December: The Song that Hasn’t Ended’ in December.

Source: [enews24]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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