[TRANS] 131015 Max Changmin Disguises Himself As A Woman And Is Unrecognizable, ‘So Elegant!’

Max Changmin made a startling transformation into a woman.

The movie ‘Run with the Gold’ shows Max Changmin dressing up as a woman for his character.

Max Changmin plays bomb specialist Momo in the movie and becomes a key player for the team that wishes to steal the gold. Momo escapes his gang and meets his older brother while being chased by a traitor, but has to steal his brother’s gun when he finds out that the gang has ordered his brother to kill him.


Stuck in an ironic situation where he must kill his brother in order to survive, Momo points the gun at his brother with the eyes of a cold-hearted killer. He also finds out that information about him is being leaked, and begins dressing up as a woman to avoid his enemies.

Goda (Satoshi Tsumabuki) goes to Momo’s home to tell him that somebody is leaking his information to his enemies, but thinks he’s at the wrong house when Momo appears, dressed like a woman.

The scene acted as a breather for the heavy and serious atmosphere of the movie. Max Changmin showcased his passion for acting by not being afraid to dress up as a woman, something he had never done before in his 10-year career. The singer was able to show off his charms in ‘Run with the Gold’, which marked his debut in the movie industry.

Meanwhile, Satoshi Tsumabuki and Max Changmin’s ‘Run with the Gold’ is a movie that depicts the story of six talented thieves coming together to steal 24 billion Won’s worth of gold.

Source: [newsen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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