[TRANS] 131007 Kim Junsu Lands In Gimpo Airport On The 7th, Not Even A Typhoon Could Stop His Love For Musicals


Kim Junsu, who had been staying in Japan, has made a surprise return trip to Korea.

Kim Junsu left for Tokyo on the 3rd for the Japanese leg of his ‘XIA 2nd Asia Tour Concert’ tour. He plans to stay in Japan for two weeks and meet with a total of 60,000 fans in Nagoya and Yokohama.

However, Kim Junsu made a surprise appearance at Gimpo Airport at 11a.m. this morning, a day before his first concert.

Kim Junsu’s surprise return got him back to Korea for the ’19th Korean Musical Awards’, that was held tonight at 5:20p.m. at Kyung Hee University’s Hall of Peace. Having received the Best Musical Actor Award last year for his role in ‘Elisabeth’, Kim Junsu was scheduled to appear on stage with Ok Joo Hyun to announce this year’s winner.

Kim Junsu’s schedule today was a miraculous occurrence. With news that a typhoon would pass through the Korean peninsula today, Kim Junsu was unable to sleep for several nights at the thought the he would not be able to land in Korea. Luckily, the typhoon rerouted to China, but the news was soon followed by the announcement that another typhoon would be replacing it.

When it was told that the second typhoon would affect Japan on the 8th, the starting day of Kim Junsu’s Japanese tour, a representative of the concert stated, “There’s a high possibility that the plane won’t be able to depart, so please don’t go to the awards ceremony.” As his Japanese concerts are a promise to his fans, Kim Junsu could not brush off the request of his Japanese staff.

After mulling over his possibilities, Kim Junsu decided to fly back to Korea. Kim Junsu’s love for musicals, that not even a typhoon could stop, eventually overcame his Japanese staff’s requests.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu headed straight for a hair salon in Gangnam as soon as he landed in Gimpo Airport to prepare for the awards ceremony.

Source: [sports chosun]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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