[TRANS] 130905 Kim Junsu Receives A 30 Minute-Long Standing Ovation For His Last ‘Elisabeth’ Performance


JYJ’s Kim Junsu received a 30 minute standing ovation from his audience after his last performance of ‘Elisabeth’.

Kim Junsu held his last ‘Elisabeth’ performance on the 4th at the Seoul Arts Center’s Opera Hall. The singer dominated the stage with his charisma and deadly charm that captivated the audience from start to finish.

His perfect performance moved the audience to awe. With the venue packed from the first floor to the fourth floor, his performance was met with a flurry of applause. With the standing ovation lasting for over 30 minutes, it seemed as though the Opera Hall was going to be blown away by the audience’s response.

One representative stated, “It was an amazing sight to see. It looked like they were going to keep clapping all night long. Having received a positive response last year, he probably felt even more pressure this year but his sincerity and hard work succeeded in captivating the audience.”

Kim Junsu’s performances last year and this year and composer Sylvester Levay saying, “I was surprised by how well Kim Junsu is able to lead each scene. He’s terrifying at times, and dark at other times. The animal-like way that he circles around Elisabeth and his charisma are what make the musical amazing. Kim Junsu’s performances are so perfect, and I’m very happy with them.”

Kim Junsu stated, “It’s now time to say goodbye to ‘Death’, who I hold dear to my heart. I was so overwhelmed by gratitude that I was moved to tears by the sincere applause and cheers from the audience. My third musical has taught me the dignity of the stage and I could feel just how precious everyone’s applause was. I will continue to work hard to become a greater musical actor.”

Through his return to ‘Elisabeth’, Kim Junsu was able to prove his power in the musical industry once more. All 30,000 seats of his 14 performance were sold out immediately and the ticket reservation period managed to crash the server of the ticket reservation website.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will take some time off to reenergize and will then kick off the second part of his solo Asia tour in Australia on the 28th.

Source: [the star chosun]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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