[TRANS] 130901 Tohoshinki Concludes Their Summer With The Passion Of 55,000 At “A-Nation”

Korean artists Tohoshinki performed at the first day of the “A-Nation Stadium Fes. 2013” in Tokyo’s Ajinomoto Stadium, on 31 August. As the closing act for the third time, they sang a total of 8 songs including their new song “SCREAM.”

As Tohoshinki was announced to be next on stage, the 55,000 crowd flooded the stands with Tohoshinki’s representative red color using penlights. Among this sight, which has become part of the annual “A-nation”, the countdown signaled Yunho and Changmin’s appearance on stage. The two members’ appearance was welcomed by the cheers of waiting fans, as they performed their first song “Catch me -If you wanna-”

The duo were dressed in illuminated outfits, and drew the audiences in with their beautiful and powerful performance. Their strong performance continued with the dance numbers “B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)” and “Superstar”. As the passion in the audience was quickly reached its peak, the two members’ excitement escalated as well. Yunho said “Today is awesome!” and Changmin said, “It’s going to be September soon, but it’s still extremely hot today!” Yunho also said “Let’s create great memories this A-nation!” igniting the crowds once again as they followed up with the theme song of the movie “Sadako 3D 2”, their new track “SCREAM.”

During the medley “OCEAN ~We Are~ Summer Dream”, the duo made their way around the stadium in luxuriously decorated floats, and threw colored balls and frisbees into the audience as they showed their mischievous side. By this time, both men were covered in sweat. While pouring water over his head, Yunho said, “Although it was only for a short period of time, I’m really happy that we were able to come together as one with everybody here today!” and smiled.  Then, they concluded their passionate stage with their annual performance of “Somebody To Love.”The Nissan stadium concerts on 17 & 18 August were the first time that foreign artists performed as well.  Changmin said, “Although today is the last day of this year’s summer outdoor concerts (for Tohoshinki), I want to have fun till the end.” and Yunho was filled with emotions as he said, “I really, really enjoyed A-nation!”  Then, as they did their final greetings of “This was Tohoshinki!” the fireworks went off, bringing wondrous color to the climax of Tohoshinki’s summer of 2013.

Aside from Tohoshinki, other performers include girl next door、Do As Infinity、KREVA、Every Little Thing、SUPER JUNIOR、TRF. On the 2nd concert day (1 September), Hamasaki Ayumi, Koda Kumi, AAA and SHINee will be performing.

■ Tohoshinki Setlist

1. Catch Me -If you wanna-
2. B.U.T(BE-AU-TY)
3. Superstar
4. One and Only One
6. OCEAN~We Are~Summer Dream
7. Humanoids
8. Somebody To Love


Source : [Modelpress via Yahoo.jp]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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