[TRANS] 130826 Tohoshinki Wows As Closing Act For 2nd Year In A Row At A-Nation

“A-Nation” Osaka Concert (25th August, Nagai Stadium)

The final Osaka performance of “stadium fes. 2013 powered by weider-in jelly,” organised by Avex was held at the Nagai stadium, Osaka on 25 August. 11 artists performed passionately on stage, including Super Junior, Koda Kumi (30), TRF and the closing act for the 2nd year running, popular Korean duo Tohoshinki. The Tokyo performances will be held on 31 August & 1 September at Ajinomoto Stadium.

Yunho (27) and Changmin (25), had just completed 18 concerts in 7 cities including a 5 dome tour with a total attendance of 850,000 on 18 August. Wrapping up their concerts, they appeared in Osaka as the closing acts, for their 2nd year in a row.

With their outfits shining in the darkness, they performed their hit song “Catch Me – if you wanna-” as their opening track. Yunho greeted everyone, saying “Thank you for waiting! Osaka is the best!” and Changmin, who was sweating profusely, said “It’s really hot, isn’t it” (T/N: Spoken in Kansai dialect). They performed a total of 9 songs, including their new track “Scream,” the theme song of the movie “Sadako 3D 2” which will start screening on 30 August, and showcased their great harmony and intense dance.

The reason for their great spirit was because of the presence of their friends. On this day, they “competed” against label-mates Super Junior. Yunho, who watched his comrades whom he had been friends with since middle school, on stage before his own performance, said “I could see how hard they were working as well.” Their performance showed the dignity as pioneers of the Korean presence which has now become common in the Japanese pop scene.

Tohoshinki will be performing in the Tokyo concerts on 31 August as well. After the final performance, they glowed and said, “This year, we managed to hold many concerts in large locations, and it feels like we got a lot of great presents.” The hot summer continues on for these 2 people.

Source : [Daily Sports Online]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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