[TRANS] 130822 Tohoshinki Mobilizes 140,000 people, The Hallyu Boom Is Not Over Yet?

Even the beautiful, slim legs of “Girls Generation” and “Kara” cannot be seen anymore, and magazines have called it “The death of the Hallyu boom.”

However, Tohoshinki, who will soon celebrate their 10th year since debut, held their concerts at Yokohama’s Nissan stadium on 17-18 August, with a shocking 144,000 attendees within 2 days. The capacity of the stadium is 72,000. Multiplied by 2, it shows that the seats were completely sold out. Such popularity would be equivalent to that of Southern All Stars.

Suzuki Masumi, a writer who is familiar with Korea, said, “With the Japan-Korea relationship deteriorating, there has definitely been a rapid decline in the (hallyu) boom since last year.  The lowbrow fans have left, and the core fans have been showing their support quietly. The sales of magazines and goods have dropped, and Shin-Ookubo, the “Hallyu Street” in Tokyo is not as busy as it used to be.

Despite all this, why Tohoshinki? (T/N: Why has Tohoshinki done so well?)

“They have a lot of fans in Japan as well as Korea. These are not ‘temporary’ fans that jumped onto the bandwagon after the boom. They (Tohoshinki) are aware of this as well, and even shut out reporters from lowbrowed magazines from the press conference. Their selling point is that “we are not just merely part of the Hallyu wave.” Journalists that have been reporting on them from when they were not doing so well, are complaining incessantly about their abrupt change in attitude as the reporters cannot get the scoop anymore.” (Suzuki)

This is the clear distinction between Tohoshinki and the popularity of people like Jang Geun Suk in Japan. However, there are people who say this as well :
“Achieving an attendance of 144,000 isn’t a number that can only be done by Tohoshinki, just that reports on the “massive attendance” of hallyu stars are very common. Between the 2 nights of concerts, there are many people who attend both days consecutively as well.” (Industry Insider)

Let’s take it with a grain of salt.

Source : [Gendai.net]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

2 thoughts on “[TRANS] 130822 Tohoshinki Mobilizes 140,000 people, The Hallyu Boom Is Not Over Yet?

  1. Hahaha omg what’s with the negativity from the last paragraph?
    Well even though many attended both days but 72k in a day is very impressive ^^

    Oh yea ^^ Thanks for translating

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