[TRANS] 130819 TVXQ’s Japanese Fans Say, “The Two Members Are Both Charming, It’s Hard To Say Who’s Better”


TVXQ, the forerunners of the ‘K-POP’ boom in Japan, have yet again proved just how popular they are.

On the 17th and 18th of August, TVXQ held the finale of their ‘TVXQ LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~’ Five Dome tour at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan.

Nissan Stadium seats 72,000 people, which means that TVXQ have attracted a total of 144,000 people across two days.

The responses we received from Japanese fans on the 17th were varied. Though most of TVXQ’s fans were young women in the group’s earlier days, their fan base has expanded to both genders and all ages these days.

Kimiko Hayashi (26, female) said, “The reason I like TVXQ is because they are such good people. They’re also capable of amazing performances,” and “Though I like both members, I’m a bigger fan of Max Changmin. Though he’s a tough guy most of the time, the soft smiles he gives out from time to time are so charming.”

Fumiya Gato (23, male) said, “I became a fan of TVXQ three years ago and have been coming to their concerts for the past two years,” and “I came to tonight’s concert with my mother. Luckily, my mother is also a fan of TVXQ, so she came with me. She loves both members and thinks that they’re both so charming that it’s hard to say who is better.”

Married couples and elderly fans drew our attention as well. Atsushi Abe (42, male) and Mana Abe (42, female) stated, “We’re so excited to see TVXQ perform at the Nissan Stadium,” and “If we ever get the opportunity, we’d like to watch TVXQ hold a concert in Korea as well. I first began liking them because I was influenced by my wife, but I’ve seen that they’ve gained a lot of male fans, and I like them because they take care of their male fans.”

Eiko Gamiyauchi (66, female) said, “I’ve been a fan of TVXQ for a long time. I like U-Know Yunho a little more than Max Changmin, and it’s because he’s very hardworking, a trait my generation favors in people,” and “I’ll be watching the concert with my daughter, and the other four members of our family have gotten seats elsewhere to enjoy the concert. Everyone in our family is a TVXQ fan.”

TVXQ’s concert was held in Nissan Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 72,000 people, and the duo have attracted 144,000 people across two days. This is the biggest tour held and the biggest audience attracted by a Korean singer.

Attracting a total of 850,000 people to their 18 concerts, TVXQ have proved yet again that they are still the frontrunners of the ‘K-POP’ boom with immense popularity to support them.

Source: [sbs etv]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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