[TRANS] 130819 10 Review, TVXQ’s ‘LIVE TOUR 2013’ Finale, The Three Secrets That Captivated 70,000 Fans


TVXQ and 70,000 fans at the Nissan Stadium were more pumped than they had been during the World Cup. Everyone who had gathered at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan on the 17th had expressions of anticipation and excitement on their faces. Though the weather hit 33 degrees, no one had a frown on their face. The 17th marked the finale of TVXQ’s ‘LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME’ tour. The sheer size of the Nissan Stadium, which hosted the finals of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, and the fluttering flags of TVXQ’s concert seemed to accentuate the fact that TVXQ are ‘the first international singers to hold a stadium concert’. Groups of fans who were there to watch the concert could be seen taking pictures in front of the main gate of the stadium.

One Japanese fan who had brought a suitcase with her said, “I cam from Sendai, which is two hours away by train. I’ll also be going to tomorrow’s (18th) concert,” and revealed that she likes TVXQ because they are ‘cute’. One fan said nothing but ‘perfect’. Because the venue itself is big enough to fit 72,000 people, for some fans, TVXQ must have looked so small. It’s gotten to the point where TVXQ have earned themselves the nickname ‘cotton bud Shinki’. When we asked fans why they were at the concert then if they couldn’t see TVXQ that well, they all gave the same answer. ‘Love’. Watching these fans giggle and laugh when asked about TVXQ, we could feel the sheer power that TVXQ have as the best and the first.

Having attracted 144,000 fans across two days, TVXQ’s concert at the Nissan Stadium was attended by a wide range, from boys in their teens to women in their fifties. Though they would not be able to see TVXQ that well, the fans all cheered and felt satisfied by the end of the concert. We’ve uncovered the secrets of TVXQ, the first Korean singers to hold a stadium concert.

Secret 1. TVXQ hit the ground running


Wearing white clothes and appearing in elevators that looked like time capsules, TVXQ opened the doors of their concert with a rendition of ‘Fated’. Going along with the opening video that showed the duo fighting their enemy with lightsabers, the two members looked like protectors of the Earth who had just landed in the present. Fitting ‘Time’, the title of their concert, TVXQ looked like warriors who had come from the future in various videos during the concert and the clock-shaped stage and mechanical part-shaped props accentuated the concept of the concert.

In order to provide all 70,000 fans with a great view of TVXQ’s performances, 6 large screens were set up around the stage. A total of 10 screens were used for the concert, if one considers the screens that were used to create the background images of the performances. Stage equipment was also prepared to get TVXQ one step closer to their fans. They rode monorails that looked like spaceships and traveled around the entire stage. The stage that was created for the monorail circled the entire ground of the stadium and was 120m long. TVXQ also got off to sing and dance on the small stages spaced out within the monorail track. TVXQ tried to get a little closer to all 70,000 of their fans, no matter where they were sitting. The extended stage, which was the furthest away from the main stage, had a lot of thought put into it. The extended stage changed colors, rose up and spun, giving fans better access to the members. In the second half of the concert, TVXQ began moving around the empty spaces between the fans and handing out gifts as a special event.

Secret 2. Many sights to see


All 70,000 fans received a watch at the concert venue, which was a prop that matched the concept of the concert. When the on button was turned on, the watches changed colors from red to green, blue and yellow. Though TVXQ’s official color is red, all 70,000 fans participated in color changes that became a highlight of the concert. The colors were controlled by a central control system and at one time, the watches were set to spell the words ‘We are T’, created one of the greatest moments of the concert.

TVXQ captivated their fans with both ballads and dance tracks. Their rendition of ‘I don’t know’ was coupled with an interactive stage that mixed the real stage with a hologram video, and they showcased their powerful side through tracks such as ‘Purple Line’, ‘HUMANOIDS’, ‘O Jung Ban Hap’ and ‘Catch Me’. Their harmonies and melodious voices shone through in songs such as ‘Still’, ‘Duet’, and ‘One and only one’. ‘Rat Tat Tat’ and ‘I miss you, I miss you, I can’t stand it’ showcased their cute side while ‘Ocean’ had everyone jumping up to the beat and waving their towels in the air.

Secret 3. A special stage, just for ‘LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~’


TVXQ’s latest tour featured a new song that was created just for U-Know Yunho’s solo performance. He appeared on stage wearing a cute tuxedo to sing ‘T style’. Dancing in front of a standing microphone, he was sexy and sophisticated with his dance moves. U-Know Yunho’s dancing, singing and raping skills merged with his showmanship, showcasing all of U-Know Yunho’s charms. Max Changmin appeared on stage with a guitar. With hair drenched in sweat and a sleeveless shirt on, Max Changmin played the guitar while performing ‘Rock with you’ to the cheers of his fans. After putting down his guitar, he ran around the stage and sang his heart out, like a true rock star.

TVXQ also performed a track from their new Japanese single, which is set to be released on the 4th of September, for the first time. Their new single ‘SCREAM’ is a song that features TVXQ’s performance skills and an intense sound, and was a great gift for the fans who were at the concert. TVXQ set aside of chunk of their time to introduce their live band and dancers, highlighting the high quality of their sound and choreography.

Source: [10asia]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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