[TRANS] 130816 [Issue&] The Best And The First, How Have TVXQ Succeeded For So Long In The Hallyu Wave?

On the 17th, the ‘Kings of Hallyu’ TVXQ will be the first non-Japanese singers to stand on stage at Nissan Stadium.

If Tokyo Dome (seats 70,000) [T/N: The article says 70,000 but I just checked and the actual number is more around 55,000.] is the stage that all singers dream of standing on in the Japanese market, the next step is Nissan Stadium (seats 75,000). Through their performance in a stadium that most singers have a hard time filling up, TVXQ have earned yet another special achievement. Nissan Stadium, located in Yokohama, Japan, is a stage that only the most legendary Japanese musicians, such as X-JAPAN, L’arc En Ciel and SMAP have stood on. TVXQ will be the first non-Japanese singers to enter the stadium. Celebrating their tenth anniversary this year, how have TVXQ succeeded for so long in the Hallyu Wave?


TVXQ made their official debut on December 23rd, 2003 through SBS’s end-of-the-year special program. They sang their debut song ‘HUG’ during ‘Asia’s Star’ BoA and Britney Spear’s collaboration performance.

At the time, U-Know Yunho (27) was a high school student while Max Changmin (25) was a middle school student. Appearing on the scene as ‘the a capella group that can dance’, TVXQ released their debut album in January of 2004 and became extremely popular almost overnight. Winning the Grand Prize at the Seoul Music Awards in 2006, they have swept up any and every award, including the Grand Prize at the Golden Disk Awards and the Grand Prize at the SBS Gayo Daejun Awards. This doesn’t differ much from the achievements of first generation idols such as H.O.T, god or Shinhwa. However, they then went on to establish a place for K-pop in the Japanese music market and paved the way for the boy band Hallyu boom in Japan.

TVXQ released their first Japanese single ‘Stay with me tonight’ on April 27th, 2005 and opened the Japanese market to K-pop. All the members of TVXQ focused on a glocalization strategy by learning the language and singing all their songs in Japanese. TVXQ’s smart strategy was on point, and they were soon followed by other Hallyu singers copying their strategies for success in the Japanese market.

TVXQ were the first group to fly back and forth between Korea and Japan for their activities. TVXQ were able to satisfy fans in both countries by releasing different albums and participating in various activities. Fans began listening to all of their music, regardless of the language of the songs, and it seemed as though the language barrier between them had been broken down.

Though the group took a hit in 2009 when it split in two, TVXQ’s hold in Japan has become stronger than ever. Their tour last year took them to 11 cities in Japan and attracted 700,000 fans while this year’s tour took them to five domes and a stadium, attracting a total number of 850,000 fans. Adding in their World Tour that took them to countries such as the US, China and Chile, TVXQ have performed for a total of 1.65 million people in two years.

Regarding the secret behind the group’s loyal fanbase, a representative of SM Entertainment stated, “When TVXQ made their Japanese debut in 2005, they were already top-stars in Korea, but they started off as rookies again in Japan. The roots of their fanbase are sturdy and strong because they started from the bottom and worked their way up. For Japanese fans, TVXQ are stars who they’ve liked since TVXQ were rookies,” and “TVXQ are the first and the best in everything, and no other Korean singer can compare. They continue to break their own records. TVXQ’s first performance in Japan was in a small assembly hall at a university. Eight years later, they are set to stand in a stadium that seats 75,000 people.”

Source: [sportsseoul]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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    • Hi! The article said 70,000 but I just checked and the real number should be around 55,000. My bad for not checking that, thanks for the head’s up^^

  1. i like what the SM representative said ^^

    Thank you so much for the translation you guys are doing so much for us international fans we appreciate it alot

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