[TRANS] 130815 ‘Elisabeth’ Kim Junsu Knows No Limits, Could He Be Any More Perfect?


Kim Junsu has made his return as a stronger and more charismatic Death.

On the 14th, Kim Junsu stood on stage at the Seoul Arts Center’s Opera Hall for his first performance of the musical ‘Elisabeth’. Kim Junsu’s 14 performances have already all sold out, and with a total of 30,000 seats selling out, including seats with limited vision, one can easily see just how popular the singer is.

The musical ‘Elisabeth’ depicts the story of the beautiful Hapsburg empress Elisabeth with a fantasy aspect of the character ‘Death (Tod)’, and was first performed in Korea last year.

Kim Junsu will return to his role of Death with Park Hyo Shin and Jeon Dong Seok. He has felt a lot of pressure in having to balance rehearsing for ‘Elisabeth’ with his Asia tour. ‘Elisabeth’ was the production that earned him the Best Musical Actor Award at the Korean Musical Awards and expectations for his work are higher than ever. Kim Junsu had to work on a new number and focused on his accessories, outfits and every movement and expression to accentuate Death’s charm.

Kim Junsu’s efforts shined through in his first performance. With expectations for him higher than ever, Kim Junsu’s new and improved Death was much more powerful and charismatic than last year. If last year’s rendition showed Death’s inner turmoil, this year’s performance shows a more evil side of Death. Always one step ahead of Elisabeth, Death is terrifying and cold.

His mere appearance on a lift had the audience captivated from the start. Kim Junsu’s walk was ethereal, and his every gaze, expression, laugh and breath chilled people to the bone. His appearance on a rope to ring the bell was so dazzlingly terrifying.

The scene that showed just how amazing Kim Junsu is was ‘The Last Dance’ in the first act. Death visits Elisabeth’s marriage and says, “You have to dance the last dance with me.” His dance with the six angels of death was much more streamlined than last year’s and the moment when the cynical Death explodes in anger, the audience flinched at the sheer power of it. It was the moment where Death and Kim Junsu became one.


His words of, “I decided to appear in the production to showcase a newly evolved Death. I will act out every scene of the musical as though I’m on fire,” came true and his audience met him, the cast and the orchestra with thunderous applause and cheers at the end of the performance.

Though there were fears that the new number ‘The Dance of Love and Death’ hadn’t yet fully incorporated itself into the musical and the stronger presence of Death overshadowed Elisabeth, Kim Junsu proved that he was the greatest Death to exist with his powerful presence.

The musical will be held at the Seoul Arts Center’s Opera Hall till the 7th of September.

Source: [tv daily]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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